Christian Dalmont And Dalton Skipworth Arrested And Accused Of Soliciting Sex With A Minor

Dalton Skipworth Arrested and was charged on a complaint of lewd acts with a minor and possession of child pornography.

Deputies from Canadian County have arrested two males on suspicion of soliciting sex with a child. Dalton Skipworth, 27, and Christian Dalmont, 24, were detained by the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office after reportedly communicating with detectives acting as underage children online.

Police claim Skipworth thought he was speaking to a 14-year-old female while discussing detailed sexual activities. Skipworth allegedly instructed the decoy what he wanted her to dress and requested images of her in addition to providing obscene photos.

Christian Dalmont And Dalton Skipworth Arrested: Sex With A Minor

Skipworth, a DHS team member, was working at Falls Creek Summer Camp last week when officers arrested him in collaboration with the program. DHS stated that he had been suspended and that they have “absolutely no tolerance” for anyone who may endanger a child.

Dalton Skipworth arrested in Canadian County

The two guys Christian Dalmont And Dalton Skipworth detained are unrelated. Both acknowledged their crimes, claiming they were communicating with what they thought were young females using social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat.

Investigators discovered that Skipworth volunteered for Mountain View Baptist Church at Falls Creek Church Camp. Falls Creek employees agreed to help with the inquiry. They kept Skipworth occupied until deputies came to arrest him.

“I’m appreciative to Falls Creek Police Department, Murray County Sheriff Darin Rogers, and his deputies personnel, for their assistance in apprehending Skipworth,” stated Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff. 

“I told one of the Falls Creek officials how much I valued their help and that I saw Falls Creek and Mountain View Baptist Church as victims of Skipworth’s conduct.”

Skipworth worked for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services as well. He was suspected of using technology to seek sex with a minor.

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Christian Dalmont, 24, was also detained by Canadian County authorities for allegedly communicating with a decoy from his residence in Kansas.

Why Was Dalton Skipworth Arrested And Accused Of Soliciting?

Christian Dalmont, 24, was also detained by Canadian County authorities for allegedly communicating with a decoy from his residence in Kansas. Dalmont planned to pick up the decoy and return to her apartment for sex.

Dalton Skipworth Mughshot

According to the announcement, “Dalmont told how he wanted to adopt the decoy and her pals and wash them.” Police believe Dalmont expressed a desire to have a threesome with youngsters as young as eight.

Dalmont allegedly drove from Wichita to Route 66 Skate Park to meet with the decoy but was apprehended and detained.

Dalmont not only admitted to cops that he would have had sex with the decoy, but he also gave them his phone. Authorities said they discovered Dalmont visited a website with child pornography.

Dalmont was detained after being accused of inappropriate actions with a youngster and possessing child pornography.

“Considering Dalmont traveled to Canadian County to rape and perhaps kidnaped a twelve-year-old child is extremely concerning to me,” West said. “I’m really proud of my staff and their fantastic work to safeguard our precious children from bad persons who would cause them significant mental and bodily damage.”

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