Dr Harry Reeder Car Accident Linked To Death Cause

The devasting Dr. Harry Reeder Car Accident has caused immense loss to his family members and the whole neighborhood as his life was cut short due to the accident.

Dr. Harry Reeder was a well-known person and Senior Pastor at Briarwood Presbyterian Church.

He was devoted to serving God and sharing His faith, love, and grace message.

Dr. Harry Reeder Car Accident

Dr. Harry Reeder III, the revered Senior Pastor at Briarwood Presbyterian Church, died suddenly from a horrific automobile accident.

The event happened early on Thursday on Dunnavant Valley Road in Shelby County.

Near Dunnavant Place, at about 10:01 am, Reeder’s 2022 Buick Envision and a 2022 International dump truck crashed in the rear.

Authorities claim that Reeder’s car struck the back of the dump truck as it was coming to a halt and the driver was getting ready to turn.

Regrettably, the crash claimed Reeder’s life at the age of 75. Shelby County Coroner Lina Evans attested to his demise at the collision scene.

The dump truck’s 38-year-old driver, Brad Dawson, was unharmed and could leave the scene.

Harry Reeder’s death has caused a considerable loss to his family member

Dr. Harry Reeder III’s passing has significantly affected both within and outside Briarwood Presbyterian Church.

Those with the good fortune to know him will cherish his memory for his wisdom, leadership, and devotion to his congregation.

The knowledge that Reeder has achieved eternal peace in the presence of his Savior gives the community comfort while they grieve this terrible loss.

Dr. Harry Reeder Obituary

We regret to inform you of the demise of Dr. Harry Reeder III, a cherished Senior Pastor, writer, and spiritual teacher.

This extraordinary man passed away on Thursday due to a horrible automobile accident, leaving a vacuum that will never be filled.

Dr. Reeder’s steadfast faith, inspirational lessons, and sympathetic demeanor impacted numerous people’s lives.

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Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Harry Reeder committed to serving God and sharing His message of love and grace after receiving a call to the ministry.

He served as the Senior Pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church for over 20 years, diligently leading the church members with knowledge, humility, and a sincere love for his flock.


It is impossible to overestimate Dr. Reeder’s influence on the religious community and beyond.

The Briarwood Presbyterian Church community, Dr. Harry Reeder III’s coworkers, and everyone lucky enough to have come into contact with him all mourn his passing.

His ministry’s effects will keep resonating in the minds and hearts of the people he touched.

We offer the Reeder family our sincere condolences during this trying time.

May you find comfort in the special times you had with them and the knowledge that Dr. Reeder’s memory will endure in the hearts of everyone who had the privilege of knowing him.

As you travel through this grieving process, know you have our support and prayers.

Dr Harry Reeder Family

Dr. Harry Reeder leaves behind a bereaved family after his horrific car accident. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Reeder was married to his wife, Cindy.

They had three children together and countless grandchildren due to their union.

Reeder’s immediate family, who now must deal with the sad reality of life without their husband, father, and grandfather, have been crushed by the news of his demise.

Reeder impacted many people’s lives through various channels throughout his career.

Harry Reeder was called to a life of ministry and dedicated himself to serving God and spreading His message of love and grace

His recognizable voice could be heard on his daily radio and podcast program, “Today in Perspective,” where he imparted his wise viewpoints.

The church community is not the only one who suffers for the Reeder family.

A larger audience has benefited from Reeder’s work as an author and podcast host, and those who have come into contact with it have been forever changed.

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Reeder leaves behind his wife, Cindy, and their three children, but his legacy will endure in the stories told by his kin and the lessons he taught them throughout his life.

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