Dr Rashid Buttar Wife: Was He Married? Meet His Kids

American anit-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist Rashid Buttar was a married man with a few kids. But who is Dr Rashid Buttar wife?

Rashid Buttar was a conspiracy theorist and anti-vaxxer of American nationality. Dr. Buttar was also an osteopathic physician.

The physician was well-known for using chelation therapy for several conditions, including cancer and autism. He had twice received a letter of reprimand for unprofessional conduct from the North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cited the late physician for illegally marketing pharmaceuticals that were not authorized or contaminated.

To find out more about the late osteopathic physician’s spouse, kids, and family, continue reading.

Dr Rashid Buttar Wife: Was He Married?

Yes. Rashid Buttar was a married man. He led a blissful marital life with his wife, Debbie. The relationship timeline of the physician and his wife is blurry. However, we assume that the pair were together for a few decades.


According to reports, Dr. Buttar lived with Debbie and their children. The couple shared a farm and led a happy life with their kids.

Debbie Buttar is reportedly from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She moved to the southern area following her college graduation. Debbie attended the University of Sout Carolina (USC).

The Buttar family must have had a joyful life while they were together. Regarding Debbie’s profession, there is scanty information.

Buttar and his wife Debbie accomplished the “blue diamond” level among members of the distributor network of the multi-level marketing company Monavie in July 2009. Monavie distributed an acai-based beverage until going bankrupt in 2015.

The Buttar pair lived in Huntersville, North Carolina, at the time. As for her current profession, Debbie is a children’s book author. The Pittsburgh native has published several books, including “Funky Little Monkey.”

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Dr Rashid Buttar Kids – How Many Children Did The Anti-Vaxxer Have?

Anti-vaxxer Rashid Buttar was a father of three children with his wife, Debbie. The Buttar pair welcomed a daughter, Sara, and two sons, Rahan and Abre.

The birth details and age of the anti-vaxxer’s daughter and sons are unknown. The Buttar sibling lives away from the public eye. Due to that, we couldn’t find any information related to them.

American conspiracy theorist Dr. Rashid Buttar was a father of three kids.

However, the siblings must have grown up and led their lives independently. Although not much is known about Dr. Buttar’s children, he must have had a close bond with them.

Rashid Buttar Conspiracy Theory And Misinformation On Covid-19.

The fake news website Next News Network uploaded many videos featuring Buttar to YouTube during the coronavirus outbreak in 2020.

In the videos, Rashid Buttar promoted a theory that COVID-19 resulted from research conducted by NIAID director Anthony Fauci.

The physician went on to claim several false information, including that COVID-19 is caused by “chemtrails” and 5G cell phone networks.

A week after the video’s release, YouTube deleted it for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

By promoting anti-vaccination videos offered by Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Buttar engaged in affiliate marketing and earned commissions every time a sale occurred from his recommendations.

The 2021 research of the Center for Countering Digital Hate discovered Buttar as one of the top twelve individual and organization accounts contributing up to 65% of all anti-vaccine content on Twitter and Facebook.

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