Ex-Biden Official Sam Brinton Arrested: Luggage Thefts

Sam Brinton Arrested: Sam Brinton, a former nuclear energy officer in the Biden administration, was detained for stealing women’s clothing from an airport.

In 1986 or 1987, Samuel Otis Brinton was born. American nuclear engineer who is also an LGBTQ activist from Britain.

From June to December 2022, they held the role of deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposal at the Office of Nuclear Energy.

Brinton was twice accused of stealing bags, so she is no longer employed at the Office of Nuclear Energy.

Brinton, who uses the singular they pronoun, was the first openly genderfluid head in the federal government.

Brinton, the son of two Southern Baptist missionaries, was raised in Perry, Iowa. In the early 2000s, Brinton told their parents that he was bisexual.

According to Brinton, when they started to express their identities, physical violence from their parents also started to happen more frequently.

Ex-Biden Official Sam Brinton Arrested

Sam Brinton, a 35-year-old former Biden administration worker, was detained at his residence on May 18 concerning several airport suitcase thefts.

Although authorities have not revealed the details of Brinton’s arrest on Wednesday, they did label him a fugitive from justice, suggesting that he might have skipped a court hearing.

Sam Brinton was Arrested for theft

Sam Brinton, a nuclear engineer and LGBTQ+ activist who identifies as non-binary, previously served as the Office of Nuclear Energy’s deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposal.

They were fired from their post in December 2022 after being accused of stealing bags.

They are currently being detained at the Central Processing Unit of Montgomery County.

Ex-Biden Official Sam Brinton Arrested: Luggage Thefts 

Sam Brinton, a former Department of Energy team member who was charged with allegedly stealing garments from the suitcase of a Tanzanian fashion designer, has been detained as a “fugitive from justice” by Maryland Police.

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Under President Joe Biden, Sam Brinton, 35, served as the “Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition” at the U.S. Department of Energy’s nuclear branch.

In Dec. 2022, The National Desk received a statement from the DOE stating that Brinton was “no longer a DOE team member” due to many theft allegations against him at various airports.

Two hours later, when they called the authorities again, Brinton retracted that statement.

They said they unintentionally took the pricey bag. In the lawsuit, Brinton claimed that “exhaustion” was to blame for the error.

Ex-Biden Official Sam Brinton Arrested: Charges And Sentence

According to the Exchange Monitor, Brinton was accused of felony theft of moveable property without consent, which, if found guilty, could have resulted in a five-year jail sentence or a $10,000 fine.

Fox News reports a hearing in Brinton’s Minnesota case is planned for Wednesday.

According to the New York Post, this latest arrest was made in Maryland about the theft from the Washington D.C. airport and was not directly related to the heist in Las Vegas or Minnesota.

A Tanzanian fashion designer made public her suspicions that Brinton had stolen luggage from the Washington, DC, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in March 2018 in February 2023.

A surveillance image of Sam Brinton inside Harry Reid International Airport

Brinton received a 180-day suspended sentence and was required to repay the lady as part of the plea agreement.

Judge Victor Del Pino ordered the former Biden nuclear officer to be extradited to Virginia, refusing them release, according to The Daily Wire, who was present when Brinton appeared before a judge on Thursday in the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit.

Republicans demanded a probe of how the Biden administration obtained security clearance in December 2022 following Brinton’s arrest.

They questioned how they obtained security clearance and why Brinton was given a crucial post overseeing nuclear waste.

On the most recent arrest, Brinton is still quiet.

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