Where Is Cassandra Jones Going After Leaving Fox 5?

Where is Cassandra Jones Going After Leaving Fox 5? Many people have this question, and here you can find out why Fox 5 meteorologist Cassandra Jones is departing.

Every day, beginning at the crack of dawn and lasting until the sun is high in the sky at 9 am, she is the lively and committed morning meteorologist that graces the screens of FOX5 News This Morning with her contagious energy.

Cassandra’s influence, however, extends far beyond her weather forecasts. She is a beloved member of the legendary FOX5 Surprise Squad, known worldwide for their sweet acts of charity.

Cassandra takes enormous satisfaction in being a small but significant part of this beautiful community movement and has an unyielding desire to assist others.

Cassandra’s adventure before joining FOX5 took her to the charming city of Santa Maria, California.

She worked as a morning weather anchor for KION/KCBA-TV in Salinas and KCOY/KKFX-TV in Santa Maria.

Her knowledge also extended to the local Spanish language station, Telemundo, where she forecasted for the varied population.

Where Is Cassandra Jones Going After Leaving Fox 5? Let’s find out.

Fact Check: Where Is Cassandra Jones Going After Leaving Fox 5?

Cassandra Jones stated in her blog post that she would not leave Las Vegas. She said that she intends to spend her entire time with her family.

But it needs to be clarified whether she’s chosen another job; all she says is that she’s going. She may return in the future, but she says nothing about it.

Cassandra Jones responded to a message on the Twitter page by saying she will work and merely have regular hours, although what she describes is unclear.

Cassandra Jones is a determined lady, and her work at Fox is well-known.

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Cassandra is a proud ASU alumna, and her love for education led her to the famed Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism.

People are wondering Where Is Cassandra Jones Going.

As if that wasn’t enough, she earned a meteorology diploma from Mississippi State, cementing her proficiency in the discipline.

Cassandra’s passion for her profession and persistent commitment to her community come through in all aspects of her work.

She represents a real beacon of compassion and charity with each prediction provided and the act of kindness performed, motivating people around her to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Cassandra Jones Leaving Fox 5

Cassandra Jones said on May 11, 2023, that she quit Fox News to spend more time with her family. She stated that it was not a farewell but that she was changing careers.

It might be devastating news for her followers and regular viewers. She described it as the most difficult decision she had ever made.

She stated that she wanted to spend time with her daughter and hubby. She said in the statement that her last day on her Fox will be May 12, 2023. Cassandra Jones has been with Fox for ten years, so this is also a difficult decision for her.

Cassandra Jones with her husband and daughter.

She thanked everyone who has helped and worked with her during her career. She also expressed heartfelt gratitude to her audience, coworkers, and family.

It will be a heartbreaking moment for everyone to leave their ideal location.

Her choice to leave Fox is understandable because she has a responsibility to raise a child and has to support his husband’s job. Her fans will undoubtedly miss her meteorological news since she is a nice woman.

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