Farmington Mass Shooting: Who Was Melody Ivie? Obituary And Death

Who Was Melody Ivie? Find out about the victim shot in a Farmington Mass shooting and her 73-year-old mother.

An 18-year-old gunman went on a shooting spree in Farmington, New Mexico, targeting cars and houses, resulting in three deaths and two injured police officers.

During a briefing on Tuesday, law enforcement officials revealed that the shooter responsible for the incident was identified as Beau Wilson, a student at Farmington High School.

Investigators stated that they had not determined a motive or specific target for the shooting.

The suspect had multiple addresses listed and was residing in a house within the neighborhood where the shooting took place, according to the police.

According to Deputy Chief Kyle Dowdy, the gunman used multiple firearms, including an “AR-style rifle,” during the shooting spree that began around 10:56 am near Ute and North Dustin Streets.

Farmington Mass Shooting: Who Was Melody Ivie?

Melody Ivie was one of the victims of the Farmington mass shooting. She was a 73-year-old woman known for her gregarious nature and spontaneous visits to friends and acquaintances.

Ivie had a close friendship with Bonnie Kennedy, a fellow Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints member.

Their last encounter, which occurred on Mother’s Day, was described as enjoyable and filled with conversation. Ivie’s generosity and kind-heartedness touched the lives of many community members in Farmington.

Ivie was with her mother, Gwendolyn Schofield, who was 97 years old at the time of the Farmington mass shooting.

Shirley Voita, Gwendolyn Schofield, and Melody Ivie were the victims; they lost lives in the rampage.

Tragically, both Ivie and Schofield were shot during the incident. This adds another layer of sadness to the loss experienced in this devastating event. 

Less than a day after Melody Ivie and her 97-year-old mother, Gwendolyn Schofield, enjoyed a visit together, they were tragically shot and killed while en route to pick up a grandchild from school.

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Melody Ivie Obituary And Death

Bonnie Kennedy, a close friend of Ivie’s, expressed her grief over the loss, emphasizing that while she doesn’t harbor hatred towards the shooter, the act was profoundly unfair.

Ivie, a mother to multiple children and a beloved teacher who impacted the lives of numerous students in the Farmington area, was described as a valuable person taken away, leaving behind grieving children and a community that cherished her.

Melody Ivie and her mother, Gwendolyn Schofield, were active church members in the Farmington area and devoted their lives to their families, community, and faith.

Community members gathered at Hills Church Farmington in a candlelight vigil.

Their strong dedication to these aspects of their lives was well-known among their acquaintances and fellow church members.

Bonnie Kennedy, who became acquainted with Ivie when she joined the church over four decades ago, described her as exceptionally sweet and kind-hearted.

According to Kennedy, Ivie had a remarkable ability to see the good in everyone and approached life with a positive outlook.

Kennedy even remarked that she didn’t believe Ivie would harm even a tiny insect if given a chance.

Kennedy’s friendship with Schofield developed in the past ten years, as both were widows. They created a routine of checking in on each other every day at 10 am.

To this day, Kennedy still has her alarm set for 9:45 am, a reminder that she still needs to deactivate their daily connection.

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