How Many Siblings Does Katie Maloney Have? Brother Joey And Rocky Maloney

The reality TV personality from Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney has two siblings named Joey Maloney and Rocky Maloney. Learn more about Katie Maloney siblings and personal life in this informative article.

After joining the cast of the renowned reality television programme Vanderpump Rules on Bravo in 2013, Katie Maloney achieved widespread notoriety.

She had a fascination for acting since she was young, which inspired her to seek a career in acting in New York City. She afterwards moved back to California to look into other acting chances.

Over time, Maloney scored significant roles including Sara Ford in “A True Story” and Ashley in “Harper’s Globe,” along with making appearances on BlackBoxTV, 2009: A True Story, and White Noise (2022).

Following the lives & loves of the staff at celebrity restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood establishment, SUR, Vanderpump Rules is a top-rated reality TV show.

Among its main cast members, is Katie Maloney, who features prominently in storylines that explore balancing her work responsibilities at SUR with maintaining her thriving beauty and lifestyle website, Pucker and Pout.

Likewise, the show also delves into Maloney’s romantic relationship with Tom Schwartz.

Talking about Katie Maloney siblings, she hails from a family of three siblings including two brothers, Joey and Rocky Maloney.

While, Joey Maloney proves his mettle as an accomplished director and cinematographer for WWE Network Documentaries; it’s his work in music that stands out loud.

Bands like Katy Perry name illustrate this fact best. Besides lending his creative touch to movie projects such as NFL Journeys or Rush Hour 3 among others, Joey has also dabbled in music recording an album called Young.

Likewise, he is married to Valerie Geller, and the pair have a lovely daughter named, Sonja.

Joey (right) And Rocky Maloney are Katie Maloney siblings.

On the other hand, Rocky Maloney follows suit by being equally talented, albeit in a different sphere.

As a professional photographer based in Utah’s Park City, Rocky has carved a niche for himself. He’s happily married to Lindsay who teaches yoga and their little bundle of joy is called Ryder.

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But lately, Rocky Maloney has made news headlines after pouring out Toms’ Good Lovin’ whiskey from his estranged brother-in-law, Tom Schwartz, on Instagram Stories.

His message was clear: “F-ck off Tom [and] Tom no support here.”

Vanderpump Rules stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz had met each other two years before love ignited between them on camera.

After dating back in 2012 and getting engaged three years later, they exchanged vows during a grand ceremony featured on the show itself.

However, despite surviving big challenges like Schwartz’s unfaithfulness during his stay at Las Vegas that threatened to jeopardize everything they had built until that point, but they managed to work through it.

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz divorced in 2022.

Their wedding in 2016, featured on the show, turned out to be legally invalid due to paperwork complications. However, in 2019, they had a second wedding in Las Vegas to officially tie the knot.

Furthermore, troubles continued for them even after going through all these hurdles together over the years as Katie and Tom went public about ending their decade-long romance, and finally divorced in 2022.

But, as they say, life never stops throwing surprises at us, Katie has already found someone new. She’s now linked with Satchel Clendenin as she begins writing the next chapter in her life.

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