Inside Wesley Santos Mackenzie Dern Ex Husband Divorce

Mackenzie Dern discusses her ex-husband’s behavior and her worry about going to jail for acting in self-defense. Learn more about Mackenzie Dern Ex Husband.

Mackenzie Dern competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) strawweight division. She is the offspring of Wellington “Megaton” Dias.

She changed her focus to mixed martial arts in 2016, and in July of that same year, she made her professional debut.

Since joining the UFC in 2017, Dern has a record of 11 victories and one loss as of the knowledge cutoff 2021.

Her superior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills are well known, and she has defeated multiple UFC opponents.

Mackenzie Dern Ex-Husband Wesley Santos

In September 2021, MacKenzie Dern weds professional surfer Wesley Santos. They exchanged vows in 2017 and have been together ever since.

Because of their mutual passion for athletics, Santos and Dern fell in love. By 2017, after a successful courtship, they were married.

Dern has received support from Santos in her pursuit of a career in martial arts, and Santos has received support from Dern in his pursuit of a career in surfing.

Before her match against Yan Xiaonan in October, Mackenzie Dern had just begun the divorce process.

Dern lost the fight by a majority decision, but she now has the chance to avenge it as she prepares to take on Angela Hill this weekend at UFC Vegas 73.

The couple had previously been in the news after Wesley Santos allegedly confronted Dern’s trainer, forcing her to switch gyms.

Wesley Santos And Mackenzie Dern Divorce Story

In her memoir, Mackenzie Dern describes the abuse from her ex-husband that caused her to file for divorce.

After joining the UFC, she immediately became famous when she started using her BJJ talents in the Octagon.

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She has competed in five years and eleven fights since her promotional debut, and she recently finished a headline matchup against Angela Hill.

In her memoir, Mackenzie Dern describes the abuse from her ex-husband that caused her to file for divorce.

Dern was up about her recent divorce during fight week. After receiving abuse numerous times, she separated from Wesley Santos last year.

Dern said that her ex-husband had physically mistreated her. She talked about feeling helpless to fight back because of her occupation and fame.

She did not want her ex-husband to be able to report her to the Police for assaulting him. She told Helwani about the tragic circumstance.

Dern has since resolved the issue and is continuing her UFC career. She has already won two of her previous three games and is back in the winning column.

She has previously requested a bout with former UFC champion Rose Namajunas to return to the ring.

Mackenzie Dern And Wesley Santos Kids

In the middle of 2018, the couple was first sighted out in the open. After marriage, the couple welcomed their daughter Moa, their first child, on June 9, 2019.

Not to mention that Dern took a leave of absence from her job to become a parent. Similarly, Dern revealed her child to the public on social media on June 10.

Before her marriage to Santos, Dern was previously engaged to her then-fiance, Augusto Tanquinho Mendes.

Mackenzie Dern with her ex-husband and kids.

They gained notoriety as Jiu-Jitsu couples. Nevertheless, they called off their engagement and parted ways for some reason.

The daughter of Moa, Wesley, and Dern was born on June 9 of this year. The couple routinely shares pictures of their lovely daughter online after taking her to the seaside.

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