Matthew Davis Death Case: Angel Gomez Arrested And Charged With Murder

People want to know about Matthew Davis death case. A 12-year-old boy has been charged with murder in connection with killing a Sonic restaurant team member.

According to authorities, a 12-year-old boy has been charged with murder in the killing of a Sonic restaurant team member in Texas last weekend.

Angel Gomez, 20, was warned by Matthew Davis, 32, for being unruly in the parking lot of the Keene, Texas, restaurant at 9:40 pm last Saturday.

Following a physical struggle, the juvenile suspect, who has not been identified because they are a child, reportedly shot Davis numerous times from the back seat of Gomez’s vehicle, according to the Keene Police Department.

Davis was taken to the hospital and died there. Read the article to learn more about the Matthew Davis Death case.

Matthew Davis Death Case

According to officials, a 32-year-old Sonic Drive-In team member died after being shot multiple times by a preteen Saturday night in Keene.

According to Keene Police, officers rushed to the 300 block of South Old Betsy Road at 9:40 pm and discovered the victim, Matthew Davis, lying in the parking lot with several gunshot wounds. Keene is located in Johnson County, east of Cleburne.

Matthew Davis wife and child.

According to Police, Angel Gomez, 20, of Fort Worth, was becoming disorderly in the parking lot when Davis “confronted” him, and the “argument soon became physical.”

According to investigators, the juvenile, who was with Gomez, then proceeded to the van, took a revolver, and shot Davis.

Angel Gomez Arrested And Charged With Murder

According to authorities, a 20-year-old male and a 12-year-old boy from Fort Worth are in custody after shooting and murdering a Sonic employee in Keene on Saturday night.

“How could a 12-year-old in this day and age have access to a gun and kill someone?” “It breaks my heart,” claimed one witness.

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Police were called to the Sonic Drive-In on the 300 block of S. Old Betsy Road at 9:40 pm on May 13.

Officers saw Matthew Davis lying in the parking area with several gunshot wounds. According to authorities, he was transported to Harris Methodist Hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

Dylan Elliot, who frequently eats at Sonic, claimed she lives close and heard the gunshots.

Matthew Davis Death has been a topic of interest for netizens.

They had just returned home after getting something and were going to a friend’s House when we heard the gunshots. It was terrifying to listen to them talk about it.

During their investigation, Police discovered that Davis and the adult suspect, Angel Gomez, had an altercation because Gomez was acting “disorderly in the parking lot.”

According to officials, the disagreement “soon became physical,” and the 12-year-old, a passenger in Gomez’s car, took out an AR-style weapon and fired at least six shots at Davis.

Following the shooting, the suspects left the area; however, Police claimed Gomez returned to the easterly and was later apprehended. Officers spotted and arrested the 12-year-old in Rio Vista.

Both accused face murder charges. The Sonic is still shuttered, and a monument has been established in Davis’ honor.

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