Michael Shaver Murder Update 2023: Laurie Shaver Denies

Michael Shaver Murder Case: Michael was shot to death in 2015. More than seven years after Michael Shaver was shot to death, a shocking assertion was made in court documents.

In 2018, Michael Shaver’s body was discovered. Michael, a monorail technician at Disney World Resort in Orlando who had not been seen since November 2015, was the subject of a friend’s inquiry to Police in February 2018, according to officials.

According to court papers, he swore Michael would never abandon his family.

Michael’s body was discovered on March 9, 2018, on the couple’s five-acre property, buried beneath a concrete slab and a Fire pit that Laurie, according to the Sheriff’s Office, reportedly put into concealing the burial site.

Michael vanished in 2015, but even after that, his friends, family, and coworkers kept getting texts from his phone instructing them to “leave me alone” or “don’t bother me.”

Michael Shaver Murder Update 2023

A new court document claims that the Florida lady suspected of shooting her husband to death and burying his body in their yard under a Fire pit in 2015 is now willing to testify in her favor and claims that a 7-year-old daughter was responsible for the death.

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Laurie Shaver, 40, of Clermont, was charged in September 2020 with second-degree murder, domestic abuse, and accessory to murder concerning the 2015 disappearance and passing away of her husband, 33-year-old Michael Staver.

Woman was convicted to second degree murder

She entered a not-guilty plea to both charges. Nearly three years after Laurie’s arrest, her attorney submitted a request to the court asserting that a 7-year-old girl, who is now 14 years old, was the one who fired the gun.

According to the application, her minor child has spoken with Kelly Johnson several times and expressed a desire to testify in this case.

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The youngster has always been informed of the rights she would be waiving and the potential consequences.

The child has persevered in trying to provide testimony, though.

The defense filing, noting that “these facts were mentioned by the attorney representing the minor child,” therefore asked the judge to order the psychological or sociological evaluation of the minor child to prepare for testimony about the case.

Laurie Shaver Denies Killing Her Husband

In connection with the disappearance of Disney World monorail technician Michael Shaver, 33, Clermont resident Laurie Shaver was charged with second-degree murder, domestic abuse, and accessory after the fact.

She entered a not-guilty plea and is currently free on a $50,000 bail while she awaits her September trial.

Laura Shaver claims that her 7 year old daughter killed her husband

The 40-year-old Laurie has consistently maintained her innocence, stating in a March 2020 YouTube video that she “would never cause any harm to the Father of my children.”

She claims that two other people were engaged in Michael’s passing. One of them is now 14 and still a minor.

According to the request, the girl has repeatedly stated her willingness to testify in the case, and the defense asserts that the State has been reluctant to allow her to do so at trial.

It is unknown if Laurie has a connection to the child in question.

Who is Laura Shaver?

Michael Shaver, the victim, is married to Laura Shaver.

The deceased was shot and killed between November 7, 2015, and November 10, 2015, the latter being the first day he failed to report for work.

Laurie Shaver was a mother of two who worked from home and the only adult residing at the five-acre property on Sandy Pines Road in Clermont owned by Michael Shaver.

According to Laurie Shaver, Michael moved to Georgia “after his arrest for domestic violence in September 2014, and the last time she saw him was during a DCF custody trial in 2015.” Laurie Shaver made this claim in a statement.

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