Molana Fazal Rehman Leaked Video: Is He Dead or Alive? Death News

Molana Fazal Rehman Leaked Video is making headlines online as his video from the past was shared on Twitter. Here’s what we know.

Molana Fazal Rehman is a Politician from Pakistan serving as the president of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F). Also, Rehman serves as the president of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

Furthermore, Fazal was a member of the National Assembly between 1988 and 2018. Likewise, Rehman is a supporter of the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Not only that, but he has also demanded for its international recognition. The pro-Taliban politician is known for his close ties to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

He is currently in the limelight as people are searching for his leaked video, which was from the past. 

Molana Fazal Rehman Leaked Video Explained

Molana Fazal Rehman’s leaked video has been heavily searched on the internet as his video from the past has gone viral again. Many people have shared the fake videos on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Due to that, many thought that the video might be related to an intimate scene. However, there is no truth about it, as Rehman’s leaked video is from the hospital video.

Molana Fazal Rehman’s leaked video was shared a long time ago, but it still makes rounds online.

The video has been shared by Daily Motion on their site, where we can see Fazal lying in the hospital bed. He seems to be receiving treatment, but they have not mentioned what happened to Rehman.

Furthermore, the video seems to have been recorded secretly and later, it was leaked online, which was said to be seven years ago. 

Is Molana Fazal Rehman Dead or Alive? Death News

Molana Fazal Rehman is still alive, but his death news once made headlines online. Many YouTube channels and unverified sources claimed that Rehman died.

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Meanwhile, the topic of his death got more into media prominence when his video from the hospital bed was leaked.

Molana Fazal Rehman is still alive, but his death rumors once covered the whole internet.

When the video was leaked, internet detectives speculated that Fazal might have some health issues and was hospitalized. Not only that, some assumed that he was dead.

However, there is no truth about it, as Molana is still alive and is doing well in his life. Furthermore, Molana often makes headlines and becomes a hot topic online due to multiple reasons.

Currently, Fazal has dragged the eyes of many people after controversial TikToker Hareem Shah said something about him.

Molana Fazal Rehman Controversy Explained

Molana Fazal Rehman’s name was recently dragged into the controversy after another controversial TikTok star Hareem Shah made a comment regarding him.

In her new viral video, Hareem claimed Fazal likes she-males as she once saw him asking an agent in Qatar to place a trans-person. It is unknown whether the claim was true, but Hareem was very confident about it.



Following that, her video went viral on TikTok and other social media handles like Twitter and Reddit. At the time of this post, Molana has not commented anything about Hareem’s claims.

Many people have believed Hareem, but some have also criticized her for making false claims. 

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