MSNBC Rachel Maddow Religion: Does She Follow Jewish?

There is significant curiosity regarding Rachel Maddow’s religion. Let’s unpack all the details in regard.

Regular MSNBC viewers won’t need an introduction to the name Rachel Maddow.

Maddow has proved herself as one of the best liberal political commentator and television hosts during her long career. She doesn’t seem to fear speaking her mind.

The California native hosts the weekly TV show on MSNBC – The Rachel Maddow Show. She also serves as the network’s special event co-anchor.

Although her professional life is like a book, very few people know about her upbringing and her parents’ role in shaping her perspective on life.

MSNBC Rachel Maddow Religion: Does She Follow Jewish Faith?

Born on 1 April 1973, Rachel Maddow is a native of Castro Valley, California. The MSNBC host has revealed that her family is very, very Catholic.

However, she also has Jewish roots as one paternal grandparent, who is from modern-day Lithuania, is Jewish.

Moreover, her grandmother is of Dutch descent, with her grandmother’s husband being the Jewish link in the line.

Although Rachel’s father’s side of the family was Ashkenazi Jewish, she was raised in a Catholic household.

Rachel Maddow’s mother described the community where she grew up as very conservative.

The television host’s conservative upbringing did not determine the trajectory of her political career.

However, it led to a difficult situation when her parents learned about her sexuality.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow grew up in a Catholic household.

The MSNBC host came out while attending Stanford University. She reportedly posted a letter in every bathroom in her dorm saying that she was gay. The incident gained so much attention that it hit the college newspaper.

Her parents were, of course, shocked. In addition, they were also humiliated, but with her closely trimmed blue hair, they never caught on to her gender.

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The 50-year-old embraced her sexuality as a lesbian pundit. She describes herself as a butch with short hair and black-rimmed spectacles who enjoys reading comics loves fishing, and attending monster truck rallies.

Rachel Maddow’s Family And Ethnicity

Robert B. Maddow and Elaine Maddow (née Gosse) are Rachel Maddow’s father and mother, respectively.

Rachel’s dad is a former Air Force captain who resigned a year before Rachel was born. Robert served the East Bay Municipal Utility District as a lawyer.

On the other hand, the television personality’s mother is a former school program administrator. Rachel has an elder brother, David Maddow.

As mentioned earlier, her parental grandfather was a Jew, and their original family name was Medvedof. Her grandmother is of Dutch ancestry.

Moreover, Rachel’s mother, who is Canadian, is originally from Newfoundland and Labrador with Irish and English descent.

Meet Rachel Maddow Partner Susan Mikula

Rachel Maddow has been in a loving relationship with her longtime partner, Susan Mikula. The smitten pair crossed paths for the first time in 1999. At the time, the liberal political commentator was working on her doctoral dissertation.

Rachel Maddow and her partner, Susan Mikula, have been together for over two decades.

Maddow’s partner is an artist. It has been reported that the MSNBC official experience depression she suffered from since she was young.

In an interview, Maddow said one of the symptoms of her depression is that she loses her will, which affects her ability to focus.

She said the most challenging time is when she doesn’t know it is happening to her. Rachel credits her partner with pulling her out of the suicidal feelings.

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