Watch TikTok influencer Ashley Barkis car accident video goes viral as she racially abuses Asians

Ashley Barkis, a popular YouTuber and social media influencer, released a video in which she apologized for making racist comments against an Asian family during a car accident

TikTok user @sam.anthabong posted a video of Ashley attacking an Asian man and his family on May 18, 2023, after the man allegedly struck Ashley’s car.

She apparently approached the man in a nasty manner, inquiring about his driver’s license and whether or not he was authorized to be in the United States.

In case the police aren’t helpful. 🫶🏻 I’m going to bed now. 🥰

— Savannah • Charlatan, PharmD, IBCLC (she/her) (@rx0rcist) May 18, 2023

@24hourfitness @SanDiegoCounty @SanDiegoPD Ashley Barkis needs to be arrested immediately. Pushing someone into traffic is ATTEMPTED MURDER.

— AC Marie (@ACMarie6) May 18, 2023

this SoCal girl ASHLEY BARKIS @/aaybee._ was caught in a TikTok being racist & beating up the Asians she got into a car accident with 🤨

— 👁️‍🗨️ (@sh1tp13) May 18, 2023

When Ashley booted the man into oncoming traffic, the internet erupted in outrage. They advocated for the influencer’s arrest on attempted murder charges.

After the criticism, Ashley probably disappeared from social media, but then she apparently posted an apologetic video and then erased her profile again.

Several creators, including @ellenacuario, uploaded the video on Twitter and TikTok and harshly criticized her for using the fact that she is half-Filipino as an excuse for her prejudice.

According to Ashley, “I am partly Filipino and I want to apologize to the Asian community if I have offended anyone.”

Ashley Barkis said that her demeanor in the viral TikTok video was hostile and irritated. But she insisted that this wasn’t who she really was.

In addition, the influencer stated that several details were misrepresented or misunderstood in the video.

She claimed that all she wanted to do was snap clear photos of the other driver’s license, but that the Asian motorist was making things difficult for her.

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Netizens’ Reaction To Ashley Barkis Apology

Ashley’s Instagram account, where she put her apologetic video, was either removed or deactivated, so few people saw it. However, a TikTok channel called Your Funny Unni has released a video dissecting Ashley’s explanation.

The TikToker said that Ashley had lost her right to claim Filipino pride after she questioned the legal status of another Asian person, despite the fact that she was a person of color and a possible immigrant in the United States.

Users from the Philippines have also stated that they do not identify with Ashley or desire to claim her as their own.

It appears that another Instagram account belonging to the influencer emerged after Ashley canceled or deleted her own.

However, internet users speculated that it was a troll account because the posts’ captions were humorous rather than serious.

As of this writing, Ashley Barkis has not provided any explanation for why she abruptly deleted her Instagram account.

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