Mark Tatum Parents: Kim And Charlie Tatum And Family

Kim and Charlie Tatum are Mark Tatum parents. Learn more about Mark Tatum’s family background and personal life through this article.

Mark Tatum is one accomplished American sports leader who currently assumes two high-ranking positions within the National Basketball Association (NBA).

They are Deputy Commissioner under Adam Silvers, alongside being NBA’s Chief Operating Officer since February 1, 2014.

His educational journey began by completing high school at Brooklyn Technical High School in 1987.

Later, he pursued undergraduate studies in business management and marketing, finishing at Cornell University in 1991.

Subsequently, he continued further study at Harvard Business School and earned a degree by 1998.

Similarly, before joining the NBA, Tatum was employed with multinational corporations such as PepsiCo., Procter & Gamble and Clorox Company.

During this period, he excelled in marketing executive positions or sales manager titles that laid a solid foundation for achieving expertise in marketing strategies and business operations.

Further, Forbes has recognized his indispensable contribution to the sports industry by ranking him 8th on their list titled “Most Influential Minorities in Sports.”

Lastly, Mark has shown outstanding leadership, strategic vision, and business skills. It’s no wonder he is highly respected in the industry.

Mark Tatum Parents: Who Are Kim And Charlie Tatum?

Mark Tatum, born on October 22, 1969, in Vung Tau, Vietnam, is the son of Kim and Charlie Tatum.

When Charlie turned eighteen, he emigrated with his mother and sister from Jamaica to the United States. Currently, his family resides in U.S.

Mark Tatum parents, Charlie Tatum, met Kim while he was stationed in Vietnam in the late 1960s. Charlie came from Jamaica, while Kim’s family moved from China beforehand.

Mark Tatum parents are Charlie Tatum (left) and Kim Tatum (right).

Further, the Tatum family settled in the vibrant East Flatbush neighborhood of New York City, where Mark spent his formative years.

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Despite early aspirations from both parents for him to become a doctor someday, Mark decided instead to pursue business interests along with sports.

Likewise, he is from both Jamaican-Vietnamese cultures mixing, which makes up his unique background.

Currently, he is helping contribute towards making Tatum an influential figure within NBA circles and helping facilitate communication between various communities connected through sport.

Mark Tatum Family

Mark Tatum’s family relocated to Brooklyn when he was just one year old, settling in the East Flatbush neighborhood, predominantly inhabited by the West Indian community.

Similarly, growing up together with brothers under the guidance of his grandmother brought a significant influence on shaping who Mark Tatum is today.

Although, due to their preference towards low-key living, details surrounding his brothers remain undisclosed, casting mystery over them.

On another line of thought, some insights into Mark Tatum’s life have come to light through his marriage to Lisa Skeete Tatum.

She is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and visionary who has held key leadership roles with Procter & Gamble.

Mark Tatum with his wife, Lisa Skeete Tatum.

Her impact still resonates with her expertise and commitment displayed in the boards she serves across public and non-profit organizations.

Moreover, Mark’s family now includes sons Tai and Kylan; however, in keeping with their privacy preferences, no additional details are available.

Despite his demanding professional life, Mark Tatum remains devoted to his family and their desire for simpler living. Their focus on personal matters is clear and unwavering.

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