Who Is Eileen Flaherty, Jack Flaherty Mother? Parents And Brother Grady Flaherty

Eileen Flaherty is St. Louis Cardinals ace Jack Flaherty mother. The baseball pitcher also has a younger brother. Learn more about the trio’s bond below.

Jack Flaherty is a professional baseball player of American nationality. The talented pitcher plays for the St. Louis Cardinals of MLB. The team drafted the Burbank native in the first round of the 2014 MLB draft.

Since making his Major League Baseball (MLB) debut in 2017, the Burbank native has proved his worth. As a result, people worldwide are curious to learn more about Flaherty’s personal life.

In today’s article, let’s get to know Jack Flaherty’s mother, brother, and family.

Who Is Eileen Flaherty, Jack Flaherty Mother? Parents

Baseball player Jack Flaherty mother is Eileen Flaherty. 

The Cardinals pitcher was adopted by his mom when he was only three weeks old. Jack identifies himself as black, and a single white mother adopted him.

In an interview, his agent, Ryan Hamil, disclosed that if anyone asks the pitcher who inspires him, he would answer, “My mom,” without hesitation.

Jack Flaherty Mother

Apart from being a doting mother to Jack Flaherty and Grady Flaherty, Eileen Flaherty is also a senior director of corporate finance at NBCUniversal.

Hamil explained that he had never met a mother more organized than Eileen.

According to Ryan, through Jack’s younger-self eyes, he can still see his mother working hard while waiting for him to complete another practice and another lesson.

Through today’s perspective, he can see the choices and sacrifices she made throughout the years that helped give Grady and him every opportunity to succeed, added Ryan Hamil.

Moreover, in an interview with Bleacher Report, the St. Louis Cardinals official said it is impossible to say how much his mother means to him.

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Likewise, he added how much she has done for him. “She is just a special human being,” added Jack.

Jack Flaherty Brother Grady Flaherty

Jack Flaherty has a younger brother, Grady Flaherty, who is four and six months younger than him.

Jack, his younger brother, and his mother share a tight-knitted bond.

Shortly after the youngest Flaherty was born, Eillen put both of them at a child-care center – Universal Studios in Burbank, California – where she worked.

Jack Flaherty with his younger brother, Grady Flaherty.

The baseball player often asked his teachers if he could visit his younger brother.

So, they’d call Grady’s room to tell them his elder brother was on his way. The other kids in Grady’s room would also become excited as a big kid was going to visit.

Eileen believes that this situation is part of why Jack matured early.

She said being a single, working mother of two kids is in no way unique and that many others are the same to them. The situation makes the elder child become the caretaker of the younger kid.

Eileen explains, “It was not necessarily intentional.” It was only a means of leaving the house in the morning. I attempted to get everything while asking Jack to ensure Grady had everything.

Eileen shared a funny moment. When Jack went to his high school, Grady would just walk out of the house in the morning, thinking that Jack had his backpack, lunch, and homework.

Grady Flaherty attended Gonzaga University and graduated. The University is also Eillen’s alma mater.

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