Who Is Emílio Surita Esposa Anne Luyet? Apresentador(Presenter) Cancer Update

Emílio Surita esposa Anne Luyet is taking care of her husband as he has just undergone removal surgery. Here’s their married life and Cancer update.

Emílio Surita is a renowned Brazilian broadcaster, television presenter, and director. Since 1993, Surita has been in charge of Pânico on the radio.

Also, he has served as a presenter on the product sales program TV Mappin. Surita is also famous for being the director of Young Pan Radio. 

In October 2003, Surita called a group of young men with little experience in TV, set up a scenario worth five thousand reais, fit into the grid of the fifth TV network in the nation and went to compete for the audience on Sunday afternoons.

Maintaining his professional life, he is also doing well in his personal life as Surita is married to his beloved wife.

Who Is Emílio Surita Esposa Anne Luyet?

Anne Luyet is the esposa (wife) of Emilio Surita. The married couple ahve been sharing the loving bond of a wife and a husband for a long time.

Due to the lack of facts, we are unable to give more information regarding their wedding. Meanwhile, they are still together and are doing well in their life.

Emílio Surita and his esposa Anne Luyet have been married for a long time.

Furthermore, Surita and his wife have appeared in many public events together, and their cute snaps can be found on the internet easily. Apart from that, Surita’s partner Anne is an active Instagram user, and we can follow Anne as @annepepelasurita.

She has collected more than 55.9k followers, and by exploring her Instagram handle, we learned that Anne seems to be engaged in the Jwelery business. 

Moreover, Anne has also opened an account on Instagram for her business which can be followed as @pplajewels.

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How Many Kids Does Emílio Surita Have?

Emilio Surita and his wife Anne Luyet are the proud parents of two children named Eduardo Surita and Emílio Eric Surita.

Their first child Emilio was born on November 12, 1992, and the family of three was increased to four when Eduardo was born on November 12, 1993.

Emílio Surita shared a photo of his sister and son on his Instagram account.

Furthermore, Emilio is a radio announcer, television presenter and former Actor. Emilio has been active in this field since 2010 and is doing well in his life.

Likewise, Eduardo is also engaged in the same field, and he has also worked in some television shows.

Apresentador(Presenter) Emílio Surita Cancer Update

Emilio Surita is currently in the limelight following his Cancer news. After being absent from the Pânico program, people were worried and asked many questions.

Odair Del Pozzo on Tuesday revealed that Surita was admitted to a private hospital in São Paulo. For your information, the appresentador was diagnosed with bowel Cancer.

Emílio Surita underwent surgery after being diagnosed with bowel Cancer.

Following that, he was undergoing surgery, and the recent update has shown that Surita has already undergone removal surgery. Due to that, he also spent a week in the Intensive Care Unit.

So, Surita is still recovering, and prayers are pouring on social media as fans and well-wishers have shown massive support to Emilio. More details regarding his health will be updated soon.

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