Yagmur Ozden Accident: Beautician Killed In Crash

Yagmur Ozden accident was a critical one, as authorities discovered the Range Rover crashed while showing off at a speed of nearly 110 mph.

A motorist who lost control of his Range Rover while flexing his skills murdered a beautician and has been sentenced to prison in recent hearings.

Before losing control, Kazem’s black Range Rover Sport SVR, worth £180,000, was recorded reaching a high speed of 110 mph on the westbound 40 mph-only A40 in Ealing, Greater London.

Before the debris at Park Royal tube station, the car struck a stalled Tesla that was being charged by a taxi driver inside.

After Kazem, of Greenford, west London, pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving and causing severe harm by dangerous driving, Judge Martin Edmunds KC sentenced him to a total of seven and a half years in prison.

Early on August 22, 2022, Kazem was taking the two women home following a night out.

Yagmur Ozden Accident: Beautician Killed In Crash

Yagmur Ozden accident has made headlines and is a recent lesson that driving should be done carefully without recklessness.

Yagmur Ozden accident occurred due to the carelessness of the driver and his show-off skills, which crashed the Range Rover at around 140 mph.

The driver, Rida Kazem, 24, was flung from the car when it crashed through a Tesla shop and ended up on a West London railroad track.

Unfortunately, Ozden passed away from her deep injuries following the horrific crash. The beautician was just 33 years old at the time of her death.

After the Yagmur Ozden accident, the beautician was pronounced dead at the scene around 40 minutes after the collision.

The remains of the car on the tracks running through Park Royal station.

According to the reports of Yagmur Ozden’s accident, she was thrown from the automobile, and the police had to use her fingerprints to identify her. Multiple severe injuries and blunt force trauma were identified as the cause of death during a post-mortem study.

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Ms. Ozden’s family members cried and gasped as the CCTV footage of the incident was being played on Wednesday at Isleworth Crown Court in West London.

Another passenger, 26-year-old Zamarod Arif, who was traveling with the beautician, suffered severe wounds, including a fractured arm and leg.

According to Ms. Ozden’s sister-in-law, Kirsty Kelly, she was the rock of her family. Yagmur had a lot of plans, but tragically they will not be carried out.

Furthermore, Kristy added that her entire family feels ill and that what they have experienced is heartbreaking.

Rida Kazem Arrested And Case Update

The authorities arrested Rida Kazem, followed by his reckless driving and crash, which killed a beautician.

Kazem has been given a 12-year driving prohibition in addition to serving at least two-thirds of his sentence.

Rida grinned as he received his sentence of seven and a half years in prison at Isle Worth Crown Court.

Judge Martin Edmunds KC told him that the speed and intensity of this developing catastrophe was just horrible, and the Range Rover was reduced to a mangled heap of metal.

Kazem, a resident of Greenford in west London, was sentenced to prison after earlier entering a guilty plea to charges of causing death and severe harm through reckless driving.

Rida Kazem was jailed for seven-and-a-half years at Isleworth Crown Court.

He approached the dock on crutches in front of a courtroom filled with members of his own family as well as the victim’s family while wearing a white T-shirt and dark tracksuit pants.

After the collision, his left leg was severed below the knee. According to prosecutor Nicholas Hearn, Kazem had prior convictions for speeding, including one for going 95 mph in a 50-mph zone, and was given a six-month driving suspension in November 2020.

According to Kazem’s attorney, David Rhodes, the driver, Rida, who worked for a family jewelry firm and had been accepted into a university law school, “accepts through his guilty pleas that he was the driver.

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Ms. Arif, the sole passenger who had buckled up, described the toll the collision had still taken on her.

After the event, the crash survivor said that her life had completely changed and that she had been permanently scarred, both physically and mentally.

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