The Blue Bombers won the 108th Grey Cup by defeating the Tiger-Cats in an amazing 33-25 victory. This was the fourth time, a Grey Cup final went on the Overtime. In this manner, the Bombers won the Grey Cup back to back in 2019 and 2021. The edition of 2020 was cancelled due to COVID 19.

Grey Cup 2021 Blue Bombers vs Tiger-Cats Score:

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OT F
Winnipeg 4 3 3 15 8 33
Hamilton 0 10 9 6 0 25

Zach Collaros did amazing work for the winners. He completed 240 yards with 21 passes and 2 touchdowns and two interceptions. He showed the world why he is the best player of the CFL.

“I was sitting there in the locker room before the game just thinking to myself, ‘Man, I really love these guys and we have to win,”‘ Collaros said. “I was kind of emotional about it.”

Winnipeg’s Kenny Lawler, the leading receiver of CFL received three catches for 41 yards.

Hamilton was in the lead before the first half. A 12 yard TD from Masoli gave hamilton a 10-7 lead just 15 seconds before halftime. He entered the game after the injury of Dane Evans. Masoli played for 185 yards with 20 passes. He finished the match with 2 touchdowns and one interception.

The defense of the Bombers was one of the best of this season. defensive lineman Jackson Jeffcoat said,

“The defense has been bringing it all year,” he said. “We wanted a little bit of the spotlight so we had to get down and dirty.”

“This is special. I want to sit out here and embrace this.”

In the end zone, Zach Collaros hit a wide-open Darvin Adams. They got a two-point conversion from this, which gave the Blue Bombers lead. In the overtime, they intercepted Hamilton’s Jeremiah Masoli to confirm their victory.

the wind also played an important role in the match. The wind was very strong in Hamilton. Winnipeg receiver Rasheed Bailey said,

“The wind was tough, in the third quarter we couldn’t get anything going because of the wind.”

“But coach O’Shea said at halftime, ‘We’re going to take the wind in the fourth quarter,’ and we got the job done.”

The Blue Bombers were 25-22 ahead, but the Tiger-Cats finished the match with an impressive late push. In the overtime, The Bombers didn’t do anything wrong to win the trophy. With the win of the 108th Grey Cup, they have won the most prestigious trophy of the CFL 12 times.


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