Elks vs Redblacks
Photo: ESPN

CFL week 9 is going to start with Elks vs Redblacks match. In the eyes of most critics and fans, these two are very weak teams of CFL. Actually, they are not totally wrong. Neither Elks nor Redblacks showed some good performance in their last few matches. They were beaten by the enemy team very harshly.





Venue: TD Place Stadium

TV Channel: TSN




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Match Preview:

Both teams have won only one game since the begging of the CFL season. So, you can understand their position on the standings.

The funny thing is, at the first match of this season these two teams fought each other in their opening game. Now, it’s like clock reverse. The same thing is happening again.

In the first match, Redblacks defeated Elks. It was the only match they won. So, Elks will try to take revenge for the past loss. It’s hard for Elks to defeat the Redblacks. Cause last Elks was in their homeland and lost the game anyway.

They are not the best team yet but the Redblacks vs Elks match has a different kinda fan base. As team condition is pretty much the same so the fight will be a thrilling one. And that’s what makes the match special.

Here we prepare an article about the Elks vs Redblacks match. We will talk about match time, place, how to live stream, where to watch on TV, prediction, and some other thing.

So, let’s start.

When and Where is Elks vs Redblacks will take place?

The match between Elks and Redblacks will kick off at 5.30 PM MT, 7.30 PM ET on Thursday, September 28.

Don’t forget the match. This match will create a new opportunity for one of the team. One of them will change their fate from this game. So the match has huge importance and it will certainly put a huge impact on that season.

The Redblacks vs Elks match is going to take place at TD Place Stadium located in Ottawa, Canada.

So, taking revenge won’t be easy for Elks. As the Redblacks are always a better team and now they are in their homeland.

How to Watch Elks vs Redblacks Live Stream Online?

  • TV Channel: TSN
  • Online Live Stream: ESPN+

Elks vs Redblacks live stream is available on TSN and on ESPN+.

In the USA and Canada, you could use several ways to live stream CFL matches. The first and best option is ESPN+. ESPN+ is the most popular live streaming server. They maintain all levels of sports broadcasting. It’s the online version of ESPN. To live to steam the game with ESPN+ you will have the subscription first.

You could use some other popular sites too, like- FuboTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, etc. They have the ESPN channel on their platforms. So, watching the game will be easy with this server.

And the third streaming option we have here is some unauthorized sites and social media pages. You can search on google and our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There will be a lot of sites, they allow free streaming.

Lastly, if you like to watch the game on TV then TSN will broadcast the game in Canada.

Elks vs Redblacks Prediction:

Both are teams very hungry for points. Neither of them has earned a good point since the beginning of the season. In their five games Elks and Redblacks only one.

Elks’s situation is worst than Redblacks. The Elks lost four games in their hometown. Getting back from this situation is very hard. Now Elks are heading to the capital to play against Redblacks. Redblacks isn’t a team that is capable of fighting. But against Elks, they try their best and probably win.

After calculating both team’s previous matches history we could say that Redblacks has a better chance to win the match.


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