Il Lombardia 2021

Just a few days ago the racer complete the race track of Northern France. It was everyone’s favorite and biggest race of all time. After the tour, Europe is having the last race of the season, Il Lombardia 2021.

  • Date: Saturday 9th October
  • Start: Como
  • Finish: Bergamo
  • Distance: 239km
  • Climbs: Six

Il Lombardia Preview:

It’s one of the most prestigious cycling tournaments for racers. Maybe it is because the contest is the last of the race every year. They also gathered a lot of celebrities on the final count down. Most of the beginners and newcomers don’t get a chance to play at the Il Lombardia. It’s bad luck for them but the fights that the all-pro team puts on the track are absolutely amazing.

There will be many celebrities tonight at the Italian road. Everyone is trying to reach the peak of the mountain. But sadly this year we may not see the defending champion Jakob Fuglsang. So, that’s a bumper. Cause seeing him among cyclists always gives a thrilling vibe to the audience.

The final monument of Lombardia has got a very poetic name. Il Lombardia 2021 race has been introduced to the world by Race of Falling Leaves or in Italy, shall we say- Classica Delle Foglie Morte. It’s in the Autumn season, probably that’s why they gave such a name to the tournament. It will be the 115th edition of Il Lombardia.

All the famous cyclists from all around the world are coming to tournaments with their team. It’s a festive day for Italian cycle racers and cycle racers of the whole world.

Here we prepare an article on the Il Lombardia 2021. We will talk about the event route map, when, where, how to live stream, where to watch, and some other facts that you may like.

So, let’s start.

When and Where is the Il Lombardia 2021?

Il Lombardia is set to play on October 9, Saturday at 9.20 AM ET.

All the cyclists will be ready to gear up their paddle. They will run for a long time to finish the touchline. Race lovers, write down the time of the tournament so that we can sit in front of the TV at the time.

The tournament will take place from Como to Bergamo.

So, everyone will have to cross a big road here. And that’s gonna be awesome. If you wanna know more about the route then see our next discussion of the route.

Il Lombardia 2021 Route Map:

Il Lombardia is starting its journey from Como and it comes to an end in Bergamo. This is the pretty same route that was designed in the 2016 race. If you don’t consider some of the trails then it’s almost the same as the previous one. It will be a 239km race which includes 150 kilometers of climbing.

The racers will first start their journey from Como with a gentle few km roads. Then they will roll into the famous Madonna del Ghisallo.

Next, there will be a short period of the flat road which will take riders to the Caprino Bergamasco. After that even tougher road the Roncola. There will be a bold road after that the Berbenno. And then finally a descent path will take to the finish line.

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How to Watch Il Lombardia 2021 Live Stream:

Il Lombardia is now the center attraction of all races. It’s the final monument of the year. Cycle racer around the whole world is waiting for the tournament to kick off.

The Il Lombardia live stream is available on Euro Sports. They will be the best server to watch the event. Cause they are connected with the main server of the tournament. They will show the whole race on their platform. To get a subscription to Euro Sports you will have to pay £6.99 / $9.26 for a month.

And there is an app called GCN+ which is available in Canada, Australia, UK, the USA, and other countries. They will also broadcast the tournament. You will have to buy their subscription first to watch the match on GCN+, which will cost you £39.99 an annual subscription.

How to Watch Live on TV:

Getting TV Channel will be hard for UK and USA viewers. There is not much channel that has the authority to telecast the tournament. Although, GCN is available everywhere and you can use that.

In Italy the broadcasting channel is RAI. l’equipe is the official TV broadcaster of France.


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