Tour de France

The Tour de France is a popular multi-stage bicycle race. It is primarily held in France and sometimes other nearby countries. The 2022 Le Tour de France just kicked off on July 1, 2022. The annual event will run till July 24, 2022. The event will go from Copenhagen to Denmark, and end at Champs-Elysees in Paris.

The 109th edition of the Tour de France is currently going on. Tadej Pogacar of Slovenia is defending his championship this year. The prize distribution of the event is also revealed. Let us take a look at how the event organizers have decided to distribute the prize money.

Total Prize Fund of Tour de France 2022

The total prize pool for the ongoing Tour de France is over £2.2 million this year. Which is around $2.7 million in USD. The total amount is nearly the same as the previous year. The money will be distributed among the jersey competitors, stage winners, team classification, and the most aggressive riders.

Prize Distribution of Tour de France

Compared to other sports, the prize pool distribution of the Tour de France is different. The organizers will pay out prizes for different accomplishments.

Per Stage

In every stage, the first 20 riders to cross the line will get a reward. The amount of reward will vary on their placement. Which is –

Position Prize
1st €11,000
2nd €5,500
3rd €2,800
4th €1,500
5th €830

The 6th to 14th placement players will get from €780 to €340. Additionally, every player placed 15th and below will earn €300 as prize money. Also, the leading player in a stage gets the yellow jersey for the next stage. As a result, he earns an extra €500 on the stage.

Final Classification

The finalized classification is the most important one in the event. As organizers use this as the definitive decider of the winner. Here the top 19 positioned players get lucrative prizes. But the organizers compensate other players for their participation too. The prize distribution for the top 10 is –

Position Prize
1st €500,000
2nd €200,000
3rd €100,000
4th €70,000
5th €50,000
6th €23,000
7th €11,500
8th €7,600
9th €4,500
10th €3,800

The 11th to 19th placed players will get from €3,000 to €1,100. Additionally, every player placed 20th and below will earn €1,000 as participation compensation.

Jersey Classification

The Tour de France has a special jersey-based classification. In each stage, players with certain feats will be given a colored jersey. This will earn them extra money.

The organizers gift the green jersey to the leader of the point classification. It is called “Maillot Vert”. This goes to the most well-rounded rider. At every stage, the lead rider gets the yellow jersey. It is called the “Maillot Jaune”. While the leader of the mountains classification gets the polka dot jersey. It is known as the “King of the Mountains.” Finally, the white jersey aka “Maillot Blanc” goes to the general classification leader.

Jersey First Second Third
Green Jersey €500,000 €200,000 €100,000
Yellow Jersey €250,000 €15,000 €10,000
Polka dot Jersey €25,000 €15,000 €10,000
White Jersey €20,000


There are two extra classifications. But they don’t get any special jerseys. They are the Combativity Award and Team Classification.

The most aggressive rider gets the Combativity award. It is not necessarily the stage winner. Instead, the rider with the most aggression and breakaway instigations earns it. They get around €20,000 as prize money.  On the other hand, Team Classification is based on collective time of general classification. The team with the least time needed is awarded the title. They wear the race number against a yellow background. Additionally, they have the option of wearing yellow helmets.

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