UNLV Quarterback Doug Brumfield is Returning from injury

Doug Brumfield
Photo: UNLV Athletics

Doug Brumfield is the best player on the UNLV team. He is the one who sticks the team together and tighter. He creates such barriers around the field that no enemy tiger can enter the sheep firm.

Don’t be mad at me, you all know how those other Rebels boys play in the field. And everyone believes that Doug Brumfield is the only one who can lead sheep to the touchdowns. And he already proved himself worthy and the perfect farmer of the score. Only he reached the touchdown for UNLV yet this time. Soon, other players will also follow him, no doubt on that.

But we know, the brighter one and the best one always faced trouble most and pass away first. Well, Brumfield is still alive so waste time to grieve about his death. Continue your grieve on the UNLV loss.

Anyway, in the first of this season, UNLV showed a great fight against Eastern WA. But in their second match with Arizona State, they were pretty weak and lost their way like a lost child. In that match, Brumfield faced an upper-body injury. So, he leaves the field and everything became even more tragic. UNLV lost the game by 37-10 points.

As Brumfield was the strongest one in the ground, without him the team was out of its rhythm. They were kinda playing recklessly. Brumfield missed the third of games of their team. Which UNLV lost again by 3-48 points against Iowa State.

Now yesterday, we got the good news from UNLV coach Marcus Arroyo. He said to the press that Doug Brumfield is getting better and also started practicing with other teammates. Now the team and fans are seeing light after two huge defeats. If everything goes well then we might see Brumfield in the playground against No. 22 Fresno State on Friday.

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About returning of Brumfield the coach says, “He got in the rotation with the ones, and the hope is he’s healthy enough to go, get back in there and pick up where he left off.”

UNLV teams condition:

UNLV having a very rough time. But it’s true, they are trying very hard and pushing themselves very desperately to reach success. Sooner or later win conquer the ground and rule the game. But to touch that roof they will have to work very hard. And with Brumfield returning it will be very easy.

Without Doug Brumfield, the team changed the lineup a bit and place it in a new way. Freshman Cameron Friel make his first debut as a starter and Tate Martell first started as the backup. These two did well. If Brumfield can’t join the team on Friday then the same pawn will be placed again.

Coach says, “The key is to get those guys where they’ve got enough reps in the week where we feel like we can give them a good plan. You get chemistry at that position with a group over time. Seeing each other run routes. Depth. Timing. All that stuff is really critical. The number of game reps they’ve had together is minimal with all those guys. Every rep counts out there.”

On the matter back Charles Williams says that he is trying to build communication and consistent chemistry with whoever the men that will play quarterback beside him.

Shayan, currently living in San Diego, is a recent graduate who covers news on American Football. In his early days in high school, he was captain of the main team of his school.


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