NCAAF 2023-24 Championship Predictions

It’s that time that football fans look forward to every year, the beginning of a new season of college football. We’re one week in, and already some big predictions and opinions are being thrown around, but which teams have the best shot at the National Championship? It’s clear to see that there are some favorites, but anything can happen throughout the season.

There are more than 130 teams playing in the NCAAF all over the country, with 69 of those playing in the Power Conferences. Despite this, there are a relatively small number of teams that are actually capable of making a deep run and winning the Championship. It can generally be narrowed down to around 16 teams.

Whether you’re into college football betting or you simply love football, making predictions is one of the most exciting parts about the sport. In this article, we’ll share some of the predictions and thoughts on the latest NCAAF action from sports experts.

The Georgia Bulldogs

The Bulldogs have won two National Championships in consecutive years, with the 2023-24 season giving them a chance for a historical threepeat. Only six teams have ever achieved this feat. However, it hasn’t been done for 80 years. The last team to achieve a threepeat was Minnesota between 1934 and 1936.

Despite the unlikeliness of winning three consecutive titles, Georgia are the clear favorite for this season. In fact, the vast majority of experts are backing them to win the Championship once more.

This is partly thanks to their relatively easy schedule, where they won’t face many tough games until the SEC Championship.

However, it’s worth noting that the Bulldogs have lost quite a bit of talent in defense. This could hold them back, though they have improved their offensive capabilities on paper thanks to the acquisition of offensive coordinator Tod Monkin and quarterback Stenson Bennet.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama has one of the best sporting programs in the country, with their football and basketball teams dominating every year. However, it’s been some time since the Crimson Tide were properly in the title picture.

This year is as good as any to break that streak, and they certainly have an extremely talented roster.

Many experts have picked out offensive lineman Tyler Booker as one of the potential surprises of this season. However, Alabama will need more than one extremely talented player to get through their difficult schedule.

Despite this, they can afford to lose one or two games on the way to the college football playoff.

The Crimson Tide are suffering from the loss of quarterback Bryce Young and some key defense members. Still, they definitely have enough talent in the roster to go far into the playoffs, especially in the wide receiver and running back.

Michigan Wolverines

While they may not be considered one of the main contenders for the Championship, it’s hard to overlook the Wolverines when you consider all the facts. They have a strategy that plays to their strengths and the right players to implement it.

They certainly have the potential to surprise some of the bigger teams, and there’s a great chance they’ll reach the playoffs.

Rising quarterback JJ McCarthy has proven to be a major success so far, and his numbers will likely be excellent again this season. Meanwhile, Donovan Edwards and Blake Corum provide excellent outlets for the pass, and this setup helped them achieve a 13-1 record last season.

Perhaps the biggest factor in the chances for the Wolverines is their schedule. Compared to many teams, they should have a relatively easy time. However, anything could happen, and last year they came up slightly short before the CFP.

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