Chris Gayle IPL 2021
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Chris Gayle is the prince of Cricket. He is one of the best batsmen in the whole world. Fans love him for his unique way of playing. Nobody knows how he will perform. They say, he creates a rhythm while playing and just go with the vibe.

He was recently playing in IPL for the Punjab Kings. Played very well in his first two matches. Recently he said he having a problem staying in just a hotel. Chris Gayle decided to leave the IPL for bio bubble fatigue.

On October 1 through Gayle’s team, you learned that he won’t anymore in the IPL 2021. Gayle says about action, “Over the last few months, I have been a part of the CWI bubble, CPL bubble followed by the IPL bubble, and I wish to mentally recharge and refresh myself.”

He also added “I want to refocus on helping the West Indies in the T20 World Cup and would like to take a break in Dubai. My thanks to the Punjab Kings for giving me the time off. My wishes and hopes are with the squad always. All the very best for the games coming up.”

It was hard for Chris too to left the IPL unfinished. He always has some amazing magic with the bat in his hands. Though it may help the team cause Punjab’s biggest weapon was Gayle. Without him, Punjab may face the batting bit hard.

Gayle’s fellow teammates and coaches respect his decision. “I’ve played against Chris and have coached him at Punjab Kings and all through the years I’ve known him he has always been an absolute professional and we as a team respect his decision and desire to prepare himself for the T20 World Cup.” says by the head coach Anil Kumble.

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Players that suffer from bio bubble fatigues:

Bio bubble fatigues is a newcomer problem that came with the Covid-19 situation. It wasn’t a much talked about issue in the past. But recently after spending lots of time in quarantine you have all faced the bad effect of bubble fatigue.

It has become a thing in cricket and other sports at the begging of 2020. Since then you have witnessed many of our favorites athletes leaving games citing they are suffering from bio bubble fatigue. In recent, Chris Gayle is the biggest star who decided to withdraw from IPL cause of bubble fatigue.

When an athlete goes somewhere to play they stay in a hotel. Back in the normal days, they do many things like wandering around, advertising, conferences, etc. But after Covid-19 attacks us, we need to keep everything safe and under control. In order to keep those players secure, the board ask them to stay in a hotel the whole time. They stay in a place and went to the stadium. That’s all.

Being stuck in the same room, doing the same work every day, lack of activities, and stuff like this put pressure on the players. They face mentally ill and melancholia. Gayle wasn’t the first to skip the tournament for bubble fatigue and will not be the last one to do that. Many other athletes in every sector of sports are facing the same problems.


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