Mahmudullah Riyad
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Mahmudullah Riyad is one of the best players on the Bangladesh cricket team. His contribution to the team is limitless. He helped Bangladesh to conquer the road of success. His performance in the test, T20, one day, and in all sorts of matches is amazing.

The boss recently announced that he has decided to leave test matches once for all. The news came as very shocking to all the fans of Mahmudullah. He officially declares the statement on Wednesday. All the Bangladeshi cricketers will miss the legend on the test match pitch.

On July 11, in Harare just before the final test match against Zimbabwe Mahmudullah got the Guard of Honour from his teammates, and at that time he first expressed his desire to go to retirement from the test match.

The news soon got out from the dressing room and became the hot instant. After the match when he was asked about the truthfulness of the news, Mahmudullah clarified the fact and said he is planning to leave.

Since then, there have been many talks and rumors ongoing about Mahmudullah’s retirement and his career in the test match. Four months later from the match against Zimbabwe, Mahmudullah made his official retirement announcement on Wednesday.

The match against Zimbabwe was Mahmudullah’s return to test after a 1.5 years gap. In his first return match, he run 150 and pulled up Bangladesh from the fallen position. After three days later of his return to the test, Mahmudullah told his decision. The president of BCB Najmul Hasan was very disappointed at first with Mahmudullah’s decision.

At the beginning of August while playing against Australia, Mahmudullah said about his test match career that soon he will come to a final conclusion with that matter. The BCB President said different things back then, he said that Mahmudullah’s retirement from test cricket is just a rumor and it’s not happening soon.

The first time talks about Mahmudullah’s retirement raise in 2020 February was when he gave a very bad performance against Pakistan. He played a total of 50 test matches for Bangladesh. He did five-century and sixteen half-centuries in test cricket.

Mahmudullah Riyad’s test cricket career:

Mahmudullah started his first test match in 2009. His career in T20 and one day started in 2007. Two years later in his professional career, Mahmudullah got the captaincy of a test match in the West Indies tournament.

In his debut, he didn’t perform very well with batting but with bowling Mahmudullah Riyad was unstoppable. He took three wickets in the first innings and the second innings, Mahmudullah got five wickets. In his third test series, he got his first half-century against India at Chittagong. In the next match, Mahmudullah scored 96 runs. And after that Mahmudullah played against New Zealand at Hamilton and there he got his first century. He got promoted to the batting order that year. Mahmudullah kept continuing his performance like a pro for a few more years.

After that Mahmudullah lost his energy and spirit from the test match. He used to make some then out. That was a regular picture for Mahmudullah. From 2015 to 2017 was the hardest time for him, he played 23 innings and got only three half-centuries. In 2018 he made a great return, got three centuries in four innings. It was the best time in Mahmudullah’s career.

In 2019 he played very well against New Zealand. But later that Mahmudullah was lost again. He gave a very bad performance against Pakistan and we know the rest of the history of how it’s led his test career to retirement.

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