How To Bowl the Off Break

Conventional spin still has its place in the modern game of cricket, and in this round-up, I’m going to be taking a closer look at off-break bowling. Here you will know everything about Off Break Bowling, What is it, and How to Bowl the Off Break?

What is Off Break Bowling?

An off break is the conventional delivery of an orthodox spinner in cricket. When delivered correctly by a right-handed bowler, it will turn from the off side to the leg side against a right-handed batter.

The spin direction is reversed when a left-arm spinner delivers the ball or if a left-handed batter is involved.

How To Bowl the Off Break?

Off-break bowling starts with the grip. The index and middle fingers spread to grip the ball, and the seam should run horizontally across them.

The spinners who seem to turn the ball more will spread those fingers slightly wider.

The Run Up

Run-ups can differ between bowlers. Some will be short and slow, while others will be longer and have more pace into the wicket. When starting, it’s usually recommended to use a shorter run-up of around five to ten paces and a gentle jog into the crease.

Start the run-up at a walking pace and increase that speed as you get closer to the wicket.

How to Spin it?

The action needed to spin the off break has been likened to turning a door knob. As the bowler reaches the release point, the wrist should flick forwards at a 45-degree angle.

The index finger will then rotate over the top of the ball, which will naturally apply spin to that ball as it leaves the hand.

Speed of the Off Break

This is another area that will vary between bowlers. Some will deliver the off break at slower speeds than others, and there is quite a big range between professional cricketers.

That range for professional off-break bowlers can fall between 75 and 90 kph which converts to 45 and 60 mph. When you’re just starting as a bowler, you may fall below these levels, but there’s nothing to worry about.

The advice for young players is not to bowl too fast. In time, your off breaks will find a natural speed range.

Difference Between Off Break and Off Spin

There is no real difference between off-break and off-spin. They are two different terms that essentially mean the same thing.

Top 10 Best Opening Batsmen in Cricket History

There may be a perception that the word ‘break’ is more dramatic, implying that the ball is likely to turn more. That may be the case in the modern day, but historically, these are two terms that apply to the same bowling area.

Some Great Off-Break Bowlers

Cricket has seen some stunning off-break bowlers over the years, and here are some of the best.

Ravichandran Ashwin

India’s Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the most successful off-break bowlers of the modern era. He has a lot of variations in his repertoire, but it all starts with the classic off-break.

It’s certainly been a successful career that has earned the player over 650 international wickets. That tally includes 442 victims at the test level as of August 2022, putting Ashwin in second place on India’s all-time list.

Graeme Swann

Graeme Swann might have developed into England’s most prolific bowler if he had been picked earlier in his career. As it was, the off-spinner wasn’t selected for his first test until 29.

Five years later, injury caught up with a player who had taken 292 wickets in 60 tests. Swann didn’t have any variations, but he earned success by turning his off-breaks higher than most of his contemporaries.

Harbhajan Singh

Unlike his former international teammate R Ashwin, Harbhajan Singh is retired and doesn’t have a chance to climb the list of his country’s leading wicket-takers. He is, however, right up there with 417 victims, which puts him in fourth place for now.

Bhaji is another bowler with many variations, but his classic off-break was delivered with some serious levels of spin. It kept him on top of his game for many years, and he remained a force in the IPL, even when his international days were behind him.

Nathan Lyon

Statistically, Nathan Lyon is the best off-break bowler that Australia has ever produced. After his first 110 test matches, he had claimed 438 wickets, leaving him in third place on his country’s all-time list.

Like Graeme Swann, Nathan Lyon is a bowler without much variation. Still, his ability to get the turn and bounce on any type of surface has led to a productive international career.


There is a bit of confusion over the off-break term and whether it differs from the off-spinner. One suggestion is that off-break bowling refers to right-arm bowlers delivering the ball to right-handed batters.

Essentially, the consensus is that these two terms mean the same thing. However, it’s useful to study both in isolation.

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