Shakib Al Hasan New Record
Photo: The Indian Express

Shakib Al Hasan once again proved that he is one of the best cricketers of all time. He set a new record for himself and place him in the elite crickets society. Before that only one player had held this position. It was the African cricketer Kallis.

Now the star player of the Bangladeshi cricket team Shakib is holding the throne. He has set a new record of achieving 12,000 runs and 500 wickets.

Let’s see the whole of this story’s great achievement.

Shakib Al Hasan is a Bangladeshi cricketer. He is considered one of the greatest all-rounders of all time. His wonderful performance in the field made him the top seed of international cricket. This left-handed player is very popular for his aggressive behavior too.

Shakib always stood up against crime and injustice. He got suspend from playing for 2 years because of claiming the player’s rights and protesting against the cricket board. He made his re-entry into the field this year January 2021. After returning to the field Shakib made a world while playing against Zimbabwe.

Bangladesh was playing a one-day series match against Zimbabwe. In the second innings, Bangladesh’s conditions weren’t good. They were losing the match control and starting to fall against Zimbabwe.

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But then Shakib came along, he not only saved the game but create a new record in his career. This experienced all-rounder took his bat and ensure the win of Bangladesh. Shakib became undefeated in that match. His total run in the match was 96. That helped Bangladesh to defeat Zimbabwe by 3 wickets in the 2nd ODI in Harare on Sunday.

Shakib Al Hasan
Photo: The Indian Express

Record of Shakib Al Hasan:

Shakib was behind only 26 runs before the second innings with Zimbabwe. His run record was 11,974. In the second innings, Zimbabwe won the toss and chose to bat first. They did a pretty performance and in the end, their total run was 240, 9 wickets, 50 over. Then Bangladesh went for the batting sessions. Two wickets dropped at the early game. Then Shakib went to the field as the number third batsmen. Shakib’s previous match history was pretty bad. For some reason, he wasn’t able to make a good run rate for his country. Later he told the press he was facing overpressure and as a result, he wasn’t able to make a good run.

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But in the second innings against Zimbabwe, he didn’t take any pressure, leave all the anxiety behind in the dressing room, and in the field he just focus on his performance. And the rest was history. Though he didn’t make a century he certainly made history. After the match, Shakib’s total run is now 12,070.

By gathering all three types of cricket events one day, test and T-20 Shakib’s current run in 12,070. To receive this goal he had to play 348 matches and 385 innings. He had 83 half-centuries and 14-century records besides his name. Shakib runs in test matches in total 3933, in one-day matches, it’s 6570 and in the T-20 it’s 1567.

Shakib’s record of receiving 500 wickets in total three editions was already in his bag. Now creating 12000 runs with 500 wickets made him the second man to do it. The first cricketer to hold this record was Kallis. To achieved this record Kallis played a total of 420 matches where Shakib played only 348 matches and literally broke the record of Kallis.


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