Quirky Mobile Sports Games

It’s time to indulge in your love of sport with a quirky mobile game. There are hundreds available for Android and iPhone devices featuring all the top sports like baseball, football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, and golf.

Instead of sticking to tradition, we will look at those games that offer a unique take on sport.

Here are four games that bring the joys of competition to the small screen in an addictively entertaining way.

Head Soccer

Unlike traditional soccer games, you take on a single opponent and try to “head” a bouncing ball into the goal. At the end of the allotted time, whoever has the most goals wins. It is essentially a cross between tennis and soccer.

It features 2D cartoon-style graphics and allows you to play in various modes, including “Arcade” in which you take on increasingly tougher computer opponents, and “Tournament” in which you try to win matches to get through to the final and win the cup.

Football Star Deluxe

Football Star Deluxe recreates the atmosphere of a packed stadium as the backdrop for a 5×5 reel slots game. It’s available at many of the top casino sites. BonusFinder has rated a lot of Online Casinos, and many of its recommended gambling sites, such as BetVictor and Betway feature the game.

Using realistic crowd sounds and references to familiar elements of soccer for its symbols – star players, referees, shirts, and football boots – successfully successfully brings the game alive across the reels.

Punch Club

This is both a fighting game and a player-manager game. Punch Club is a unique experience as you attempt to train your fighter to avenge his murdered father. The culprit behind his death is unknown, adding a fun mystery.

As you progress, you get nearer to the truth. Your principal task is to manage your fighter’s career; train him, rest him, and enter him into contests. When it’s time to fight, your stats define your chances: have you trained, eaten, and slept appropriately? You’re about to find out.

Golf On Mars

You’ve probably played a golf video game if you haven’t taken to the fairway yet. Have you ever considered playing golf on Mars?

That’s right, this 2D golfing experience takes you on its strange and wonderful Red Planet courses.

The difficulty level gradually increases as you figure out how to get the ball in the hole in as few moves as possible. Its minimal graphics are part of its charm, as are its efforts to mimic the movement of a golf ball in the atmospheric conditions of Mars.

The game, a sequel to Desert Golf, offers plenty of entertainment whether you’re a golf fan or not.

Hours of fun

If you’re eager for an alternative to traditional mobile sports games, our selection will give you hours of enjoyment.

From the excitement of Head Soccer, the fascinating story of Punch Club, and the off-world thrills of Golf on Mars, each game offers something different.

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