Splitgate it’s certainly one of those games you must have heard of. Only released last year during the height of the pandemic, this game has taken the world of FPS by storm. You would be surprised to know that the game’s beta program was so high in demand that the game’s developers had to postpone the full release. It only goes to indicate the furor behind this game.

Now, if you have not played this game before then, you certainly have been missing out on something special for a while. But better late than never. The secret sauce that sets this game apart from every other competitor in the market – the liberal use of portals in the game. To win in Splitgate, you must take advantage of portals. Otherwise, you would always be lacking against your peers. However, you do not need to worry, as the following are some pro tips on how players can utilize these portals to the best of their abilities and dominate the game. Apart from the below-mentioned tips, you can find some at https://battlelog.co/splitgate-hacks-cheats-aimbot/ to make the best use of portals like a pro in Splitgate. 

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  • There is no need to walk.

Seriously why would your character even need to walk to get from one place to another when you can easily take advantage of the portal? Not only will this reduce the travel time, but you will also be able to stay away from enemies that are simply lying in wait to take you out. Furthermore, if you constantly hop from one portal to another, your enemies will find it difficult to anticipate your movement and hence cannot lay a trap for you.

  • Set a portal at a high-up location

One way you can take full advantage of the portal is by using it as a spy tool. Yes, think about it. If you were to place a portal at a high location on the map, you could easily see everything happening on the battlefield without needing to move a muscle. Your portal would simply work like a CCTV camera without your opponents being any wiser about your action. This way, you can easily take out even unsuspecting players without much risk to your life.

  • Momentum transfers when you go through a portal
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You might know of the standard momentum formula, where momentum is equal to mass multiplied by velocity. However, that remains true only if there is no obstacle to the movement. Luckily for you going through the portal in Splitgate is not a hindrance to one’s movement and hence their momentum. You would not lose speed or energy when you pass through the portal.

This tip will come in handy if there is a long distance you need to jump and need as much speed in your legs as possible. Now, using portals, you can do that easily.

  • Block enemy portals by using your portal

Yes, as weird as it may sound, it is certainly possible for you to block enemy portals using your very own. If you observe a specific location where the enemy portals keep popping up, you can simply destroy it and place your portals to present a roadblock for enemy players. This will certainly give you an upper hand as the enemy player has to physically get to the location and destroy your portal before they can go back to business. Naturally, this would give you an opening take to take the enemy player out.

  • Use portals as platforms

Yes, this is undoubtedly a thing you can do in Splitgate. The process might be a bit complicated for a beginner to get used to, but if you learn this, you will quickly shoot yourself to the top percentile in this game. The trick is to stand halfway across it after shooting a portal. Now, this is only the first step, as, after this, you have to shoot another portal, that too of the same color, at a different wall and then step back. You can easily access the second portal without running over if you have completed both steps successfully.

You can also chain this together and cross a great distance on the map without any issue. Now, if you do not get this on the first couple of tries, do not lose heart; even veteran players are known to struggle with this.

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