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The user-created Roblox game, Project Slayers is a grand experience for enjoyers of the anime Demon Slayer and role-playing games, as it allows players to immerse themselves in an iconic recreated world inspired by the original. If you’re a player familiar with the game, then you may be trying to figure out how to find the Demon King Muzan so that you can kill him, drink his blood, and become a demon yourself.

Unfortunately, Muzan has multiple spawn locations across the in-game world. Luckily though, we’ve found every spawn location for Muzan so that you can become a demon and further your immersive experience.

All Muzan Spawn Locations in Project Slayers

Before getting started on the exact spawning locations for Demon King Muzan, it’s important to get a couple of things out of the way. Firstly, Muzan only spawns during the night, so trying to find him at any other time of day will just be a waste of your own time. The other thing that will make this hunt a bit easier for you is if you’ve unlocked all of your maps.

Let’s get into the spawn locations!

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Kabiwaru Village

To find Muzan here, head towards the village, up the stairs, and to the left. Muzan will be located between two houses on the left.

Ouwbayashi Home

Once there, head to the right and you’ll find Muzan to the left of a house situated behind another.

Zapiwara Mountain

Once here, avoid the confrontation with Zenitsu and head left towards the cliff. Climb down it and you’ll be able to spot Muzan near another yellow tree.

Kiribating Village

Kiribating Village has 2 spawn locations for Muzan.

  1. Locate the Old Bridge up the hill and you’ll find Muzan at the end of it.
  2. Exit through the village gate, then head left towards the fence. Muzan is located at the end of the fence line near a yellow tree.
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Butterfly Mansion

Butterfly Mansion actually features 3 different locations to find Muzan.

  1. Muzan can be found past Shinobu
  2. Muzan can be found outside of the gate. Turn left as you leave and you’ll find him in the forest. Just head up the stairs, and after heading straight for a bit, turn right and you’ll be able to spot him.
  3. Similarly to the last one, you’ll need to head outside of the gate. This time, turn right and go straight into the forest. You’ll find Muzan near a yellow tree after going up some stairs.

Those are all of Muzan’s spawn locations in Project Slayers! Good luck!


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