All Playable Animals Added in Frozen Planet II Minecraft DLC

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Minecraft has seen an exciting new DLC package enter the game! Coming from BBC, the new DLC pack, Frozen Planet II allows players to, for the first time in the game’s history, play as animals! With several animals to play as in a frozen antarctic world, this new content is great for both young and old players as it isn’t just fun, it’s also very educational. We’ve had a chance to play it, and now can explain how it works as well as which animals you get to play as!

All Playable Animals Added in Frozen Planet II Minecraft DLC

The trailer for Frozen Planet II shows off many different animals within its frozen landscapes though doesn’t say specifically which ones you can actually play as. Having played it ourselves, we can now confirm which ones there are to take the mantle of.

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There are 3 animals in total that you can play as; a Polar Bear, Killer Whale, and Bumble Bee, each having its own sort of mini-game that you’ll play through. These mini-games are meant to simulate something that each animal does on a daily basis and are pretty interesting. Additionally, you’ll play as a typical Minecraft human between mini-games and investigate nature areas to learn about other animals and the environment itself.

Here are the animals you can play as and how their mini games work:

  • Polar Bear: Guide your cubs across the ice to a hunting ground. You’ll follow light beacons across the ice floats until you reach solid land. You can call your cubs and stand on your hind legs. Be sure not to stray too far away from your cubs. Call them using the jump button in order to keep them near you.
  • Killer Whale: This animal’s game sees you swimming underwater and hunting Weddell Seals for nourishment. You and your pod will swim together, and you’ll have to jump when directed to as you go through purple hoops. Jumping effectively knocks seals off of their ice floats and into the water.
  • Bumble Bee: This one has you playing as a Bumblee Bee, flying through the air. You’ll have three minutes to keep your eggs warm. They have a warmth meter that’ll show you how cold they’re getting. To warm them up, just buzz near them. This is easier said than done as your main goal is to collect nectar to keep your own health up. So balancing scavenging and keeping your eggs warm can be tough.
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Those are all of the animals you can play as that were added with Frozen Planet II in Minecraft! This game never ceases to add some really cool additions!


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