All Roblox Shindo Life Mask Codes (September 2022)

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Shindo Life

Use these codes to unlock the latest masks in Shindo Life!

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Shindo Life is an experience created by RELL World for the Roblox platform. Traverse the world, battle spirits, and unlock new abilities in this anime-inspired adventure. If you’re looking for the latest codes to attain custom masks in-game, look no further than our Shindo Life Mask Codes list.

Refer to the section below for more information on how to redeem codes in Shindo Life. Remember to bookmark the page and check back often for new codes and updates. If you’re on a computer, press CTRL+D to add us to your bookmarks and never miss a code again.

All Roblox Shindo Life Mask Codes

We have the full list of active and expired mask codes for Shindo Life on Roblox below. Codes can expire at any time, so be sure to redeem them as soon as possible to ensure you’re not missing out! Check back soon for more updates.

Currently Active Shindo Life Codes

Last updated: September 21, 2022

  • Black Anbu Mask with Red — 6363195081
  • Traditional Japanese Waves Mask — 6386250681
  • Shindo Fox Mask — 6767752589
  • Blue Bankai Dark Mask — 7004472054
  • Lightning Sky Mask — 6386226906
  • Green Creature Mask — 5902860812
  • Many Eyes Mask — 7696758224
  • Creepy Mask — 7134080523
  • Obito Rainbow Swirl Mask — 7606322686
  • White Kakashi Character Mask — 5894675538
  • Black and White Dichotomy Mask — 7729456245
  • Roblox Noob Mask — 7741094907
  • Doge Mask — 7770707630
  • Blue and Black Abstract Swirl Mask — 6386034759
  • Static TV Mask — 7696688191
  • Pink Floyd Mask — 295743219
  • Pikachu Mask — 7602001271
  • Blue Demon with Tusks Mask — 5792391247
  • Moose Mask — 7456321
  • Spider Creature Mask — 5789540122
  • Japanese Flag Mask — 6692951901
  • Chibi Red and Black Mask — 7162240906
  • Blood Dragon Mask — 7056923329
  • Yellow Mask with Black Lightning — 6386030930
  • Black Mask with Red Lightning — 6449722364
  • Clown Face Mask — 5894383418
  • Flame Demon Mask — 6529038534
  • Curse Black and White Mask — 7769015935
  • Spider Blue Mask — 7235704394
  • Black Mask with Smoke — 6388505568
  • Red Details Black Dawn Mask — 6902345884
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Currently Expired Shindo Life Codes

  • There are no expired codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Redeem Codes in Shindo Life

To ensure you’re inputting codes correctly, follow these steps:

  • Open Shindo Life in the Roblox platform.
  • Enter the game and spawn into a world.
  • Press M to open the menu and select the second-to-last option, CUSTOMS.
  • You’ll need to buy the CUSTOMS GAMEPASS for 250 Robux.
  • Click the MASK section and enter the code.
  • Confirm the design and pay whatever amount of RELL Coins it requests for the mask.

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