How to get Frost Queen Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom
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When it comes to addictive mobile gaming, Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the best out there. With a kooky cast of Cookie heroes as well as calculated and fun gameplay, there’s always a reason to pick up and play this adorable little gem.

But battling enemies is the name of the game here and making sure you’re equipping your Cookies with the best toppings possible is important. Today, we’ll explain what the best toppings and builds are for the Frost Queen Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.


Making her way into Cookie Run: Kingdom in November of 2021, the Frost Queen Cookie is an epic support character that can deal some great damage. With her Skill, Freezing Squall, she casts a cold energy against all of her enemies, as well as gives them a debuff called Freeze.

This debuff freezes enemies for two seconds, their cooldowns will be paused, and they’ll receive even more damage when they finally unthaw. The Frozen Skill does have an 18-second cooldown time, so if you aren’t using the right toppings, it’ll be used sparingly. It’s also important to note that the Frost Queen Cookie is also immune to Freeze so be aware that if she’s going against you, you’ll need to watch out for that.

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When it comes to toppings for the Frost Queen Cookie, it’s important to pair her with ones that improve the thing we really need from her, which is her Skill. So here are the best toppings.

  • Swift Chocolate
  • Searing Raspberry


The reason why Swift Chocolate is probably the best choice is that it helps to reduce cooldown times tremendously. Additionally, the Searing Raspberry is a good choice because it helps to improve the character’s damage output. With that being said, here are the best builds for Frost Queen Cookie.

  • Fastest Cooldown Possible -5x Swift Choco Toppings
  • Fast Cooldown with Higher Damage – 3x Swift Choco Toppings + 2x Searing Raspberry Toppings
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When it comes to the Frost Queen Cookie, I’d personally go all out on the Swift Chocolate as well as pair that with a Squishy Jelly Watch as this too helps to reduce cooldown times. Her Skill is powerful and can make a big difference in-game.

But that’s everything there is to know about what are the best toppings for the Frost Queen Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Good luck!


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