eSports betting

eSports betting is reaching massive records as the online gambling industry is liberalized in more and more parts of the world, the world of competitive video gaming keeps expanding and sportsbooks as well as online betting sites kazino latvija are now developing bigger and bigger sections focusing on eSports betting and offering a large selection of available bets for punters.

For those of you who have decided to investigate eSports betting and test your skills or competencies in making effective predictions in video gaming tournaments and competitions, it is important to have a clear mind regarding the favorites and the underdogs.

eSports betting has one feature which distinguishes it from betting on conventional sports games and matches. Its volatile nature. The industry of eSports is dynamic and fast changing. In fact everything is happening so fast, that the volatility of the industry is one of its key and determining features influencing betting.

But why is it so volatile?

The truth is that the cyber world itself is volatile and so, everything that takes place in the online environment is “deemed” to move really quickly. We have witnessed new games emerge out of nowhere and end up becoming an absolute hype in the blink of an eye.

We’ve seen too many times new teams coming at the forefront of attention, winning tournaments after tournaments when some time ago nobody knew about them. We’ve seen new players emerging in an eSports event and quickly undertaking the title of the indisputable favorite, when only a few months before there were other players that had emerged, undertaking also the title of the absolute favorite. We’ve seen new game developers making their debut by launching successful and highly popular games which become an instant hype.

And just as we’ve seen all these rise very quickly, we’ve also seen some of them fade too fast. And this is what the volatile nature of the eSports industry means. It is constantly fluid, ever changing and in a continuous movement.

What does this mean for bettors?

The volatility of eSports has one very important implication on bettors. Everything that bettors know and can use for their betting decisions becomes so quickly outdated that it is impossible to rely on information for too long.

This is the case with favorites and underdogs in eSports betting. The truth is that in every game, in every sport – whether eSport or real life sport – there is always one side that has better chances of winning. By definition, this side becomes the favorite and in the traditional sports industry, we can safely say that favorites do bear some weight and betting interest.

But in eSports, favorites in most cases are short-term potential winners and not long-term superior players or teams. Given the volatility, being superior or being the favorite in a game is really temporary, because there is always something new waiting around the corner. So most of the time, the favorites in eSports reflect the better chances of winning not by evaluating a team’s overall short and long-term potentials but the weighting of momentary or temporary chances.

And what does this mean for favorites? Well, in practice it means that the favorites are picked by sportsbooks in order to communicate an imbalance of dynamics in any given game. For those betting on eSports, therefore, favorites are just as fluid as the entire industry is. 

The same holds true for underdogs. Underdogs in eSports are those teams or players that still haven’t been able to shine or stand out. Not necessarily those that have less chances of winning a game.

So, having made things clear about favorites and underdogs in eSports, it is easy for someone to understand that they have much different meanings from a betting perspective. That said, punters need to be aware of what they really stand for and what they represent and thus make their decisions more wise and more consistently. 

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