Steam Deck 2

Valve says that the company plans to make a Steam Deck 2 in the future so that the handheld can be used by more than one generation. When Valve’s Steam Deck handheld came out. People in the industry praised it for its power and overall potential. The Steam Deck is in such high demand that Valve has doubled down on its efforts to make more of them. This has helped cut down on the very long ship times. The valve must have been happy with how well the Steam Deck was received. Because the company just announced plans for more versions of the Steam Deck in the future.

Valve Planning Steam Deck 2 Iterations

The information has been provided by Valve themselves, which has been written and developed. And released a free eBook regarding the creation of the Steam Deck, as well as a great deal of other information. The firm made this statement in an eBook that was made available to customers. It read: “In the future, Valve will follow up on this product with upgrades and iterations to hardware and software. Bringing new versions of Steam Deck to market.”

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AO Tennis 2 Launch Trailer

If that wasn’t clear enough, Valve continues by saying that they consider the handheld part of a “multi-generational product line.” “We will learn from the Steam Community about new uses for our hardware…and we will build new versions to be even more open and capable than Steam Deck’s first iteration,” says Valve. “We will learn about new uses for our hardware from the Steam Community.” Although it is exciting to see that Valve is already planning additional iterations of Steam Deck in the future. It does seem a bit premature to share these intentions at this point. The discussion of a new version may be early given that the company has been having trouble fulfilling back orders due, among other things, to continuous shortages of parts.

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Despite this, Valve compares the Steam Deck to personal computers, developed through several versions over many years.


Valve believes that Steam Deck has a promising future ahead of it, even though it is still uncertain what the end of Steam Deck will entail.


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