FIFA 23, useful tips to help you get comfortable in FIFA Ultimate Team

Despite the fact that Ultimate Team has always been a universal mode and encourages players to find independent and unique strategies and ways to form a strong team, but at the same time, there are many guides and guides that will help the player understand the basics of FUT and move in the right direction.

Team starting lineup

You will have to collect your ideal line-up for each performer separately, and this will happen gradually.

To try to get good players from packs, or buy them directly from other players, you will need coins – you can get them in the following ways:

  1. Buy FIFA coins – buying the first coins will help to make more attempts to get good players from silver and gold sets and form the first, strong squad. The service guarantees anonymity, and gives you the opportunity to return the money in case of disputes.
  1. Play Squad Battle – this is a mode in which you play with your squad against the team of another player, but under the control of artificial intelligence. Such matches will help to remove the jitters before playing against other players, allow you to practice your technique and allow you to earn FIFA coins
  1. Complete tasks – in FUT, the player is offered a lot of constantly updated tasks, which are rewarded with coins in case of timely completion. Tasks can be completely different, but are always related to the actions within the match. The quest does not have to be completed in one duel – the main thing is to be in time by the time the task is updated. The tasks will relate to gaming activities – score two goals, release three players from Italy on the field, make 20 successful tackles, and so on.
  1. Form squads in the Squad Building Challenge – in this mode, you need to take on the role of a manager, before whom the board of directors has set the task of building a team in compliance with certain conditions and with a limited budget, and if the player copes with this task, he will receive a reward in the form of FIFA coins. For example, you need to find and attract three players from Italy with a rating of at least 85 to the team. An additional reward will be a set with random players or the opportunity to get a specific performer.

The mode will allow not only to accumulate good performers, or random players, but also to exchange unnecessary players for more useful ones.

  1. Coins mode – allows you to earn FIFA coins by implementing various game situations invented by the game. The tasks will be related to the events in the match and for completing you will receive special stars that you will exchange for sets of players or coins. Tasks can be linked, for example, for scoring a goal for Mbappé after a cross.

Useful tips for selecting football players

Watch the characteristics of the player, not the rating assigned to him by the game.

For example, a player with a rating of 85 may not be as useful or relevant as a player with a rating of 81. Since FIFA forms the rating based on the overall performance, without considering the superiority of forces, this can be an interesting point.

For example, a seemingly weak defender with a rating of 60 can have significant running speed and will be indispensable in defense and counterattacks, although by the standards of the game it will be inferior to other players with a higher rating.

So don’t chase the best players, look for suitable alternatives and save FIFA coins as much as possible without sacrificing efficiency.

Tips for behavior on the field in FIFA Ultimate Team

Control the players who are now acting without the ball, in defense or attack – it does not matter.

The ability to correctly move players who move around the field can play into your hands when you play in attack or defense.

Movement in the attack will help set the stage for a future attack on the opponents’ goal. To perform, you need to give an inaccurate pass directly and quickly switch the player, then by changing the performers, you can adjust your attack. Action requires speed and precision, which only come with experience, so feel free to hone your skills at the earliest opportunity.

When defending, you should also quickly change players and place them more intelligently around the field in order to create a dense defense and prevent the accumulation of defenders in one place, which will expose the flanks and increase the likelihood of conceding a goal.

Perform twisted strikes, for this, at the moment of impact, you need to slightly shift the trajectory of the impact. I think you have seen such balls in real football – when it initially seems that the ball flies past the goal, but at the last moment it spins and hits the goal. In FIFA, twist shots fly similarly thanks to realistic physics. Spinning the ball gives you the advantage of being able to take the goalie by surprise and score a goal.

Break the rules if the situation calls for it, but act wisely.

No tackles in the back – this is often a guaranteed removal. Roll to the side or front.

Run into your opponent while holding the tack button, sometimes you can get a free kick for this, but this is better than a developing attack.

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