You Suck at Parking Multiplayer Game
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When it comes to crazy multiplayer games, there’s no better time to be had than when playing with friends. And there really isn’t a crazier game out there right now than Happy Volcano’s racing puzzle title, You Suck at Parking. Serving up some hectic driving gameplay complete with whacky courses to navigate, this game would be the optimal place to play with friends.

And while it’s ongoing multiplayer is a highlight for You Scuk at Parking, the question comes, “how can you play with friends?”. Today, we’ll explain whether or not you can create a private lobby in You Suck at Parking.

How to Create a Private Lobby in You Suck at Parking with Friends? Explained

While multiplayer plays a big part in You Suck at Parking, there’s no way to connect with your friends in-game. Whether through a party system or private lobby, there is absolutely no way to play together unless randomly placed into the same online match.

The silver lining here is that Happy Volcano has confirmed that Friend Parties are going to make their way into the game very soon. On the You Suck at Parking website, you’ll be able to view the game’s roadmap of upcoming content as well as updates.

In this roadmap, it’s marked that October will see Friend Parties integrated into the game! This will allow for 4 players to play the game together. The reason for it being omitted from launch is that Happy Volcano wanted to make sure that this feature worked perfectly before players used it. It’s worth noting that these will not be private lobbies, and you will play with others online.

> How to Play Multiplayer in You Suck at Parking

While You Suck at Parking is indeed a cross-platform title between Xbox and PC players, Friend Parties will, unfortunately, be limited to those playing on the same platform. So, only friends on Xbox can play together and only friends on PC can play together. Bummer.

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The odd thing is that while Friend Parties are going to be limited to 4 friends on the same platform, they’ll still matchmake with players across both platforms. It has yet to be stated whether cross-platform Friend Parties could come later down the line, but we’ll see. It feels a bit dated to see parties limited to platforms, so hopefully, Happy Volcano can improve it in the future.

But that’s really all there is to know about how you’d be able to create a private lobby in You Suck at Parking. It’s a feature that is coming, but players will have to be patient in the meantime.


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