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How Is Glass Made from Sand?
How Is Glass Made from Sand?
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Slime Rancher is an adorable game of ranching squishy little slimes. But your tasks don’t stop at simply taking care of these creatures. The Far, Far Range has many diverse and exciting places to explore, the most treacherous yet rewarding being the Glass Desert. Unique in every way possible, the Glass Desert is the final and furthest location in Slime Rancher, so getting to it is almost as difficult as it is restoring it to its former glory. Here is how to enter and restore the Glass Desert in Slime Rancher.

How to access the Glass Desert

The Glass Dessert is an estranged place not actually connected to the main island. In fact, no one knows exactly where it is. To get there, you must activate a teleporter.

At the end of the Ancient Temple, the northest point of the map, will be a strange structure.

ancient temple map in slime rancher
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The structure will be a large disk surrounded by five slime statues. The slime statues work the same as the ones outside the Ancient Temple. The statues represent quantum slimes, so make sure to have five quantum plorts with you. Shoot a plort onto each of the statues in any order and watch as the plort connects to the statue’s plort-sized hole.

Once all of the slime statues have been activated, the teleporter will activate.

ancient temple teleporter in slime rancher
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This teleporter will bring you straight to the Glass Desert! Simply step on it to travel.

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How to restore the Glass Desert

Now in the Glass Desert, you may seem underwhelmed by the apparent lack of life. Scarcely any slimes, some chickens, and food here and there. You would be justified in feeling unsatisfied with the final location being so void of excitement yet so full of danger. That is because the Glass Desert needs your help to revive.

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Locating the fountains

You may notice a lot of strange seedlings strewn about. Any attempt to grow them with regular water will fail. If you want to restore the Glass Desert, then you’ll need the help of the special Ancient Water.

Ancient Water can only be found from a fountain, but all four fountains in the Glass Desert are derelict and inactive. To restore them, you’ll need to locate their corresponding plort statues.

dervish plort statue in slime rancher
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Each fountain has three plort statues unique to them, with their plort statues not being too far away from them. Simply look out in the general area for the statues and shoot the relevant plort into them.

There are three pink plort statues, rock plort statues, mosaic plort statues and dervish plort statues.

Once all three plort statues have been activated, their fountain will activate.

complete fountain in slime rancher
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Make your way to the fountain and vacuum the water. Don’t worry, it’ll never run out. Upon sucking the water, your regular water will turn into a time-limited Ancient Water dispenser. During the thirty seconds you have, you benefit from unlimited Ancient Water, so you needn’t be precious with it, just quick!

Growing the Oases

With your Ancient Water, you must quickly dash to the seedlings scattered around near the statue. SImply shoot the seedling with the Ancient Water and watch a beautiful oasis grow! Slimes, plants, food, and a protective barrier will spring forth, bringing life to a small area of the Glass Desert.

growing oasis in slime rancher
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These Oases will protect anything inside it against the meteorites and fire whenever there is a Solar Anomaly, providing great cover. But watch out – such a diverse range of slimes in the same place make the Oases a hot spot for Tar, so make sure you’ve always got water handy to blow them to bits.

There are many seedlings waiting to be terraformed, but you needn’t revive them all. The state of the Oases are purely for the player’s convenience as there is no bearing on the end of the story, and no achievement is given out for restoring all the Oases.

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