spawn in the backrooms footage
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The Backrooms Footage is a survival horror game set in the liminal nightmare of the backrooms. Players must navigate the labyrinth of yellow wallpaper and ink blots in order to find their way out. But they are not alone. With them are mysterious entities that have ill-intention, so any no-clippers must be wary. If you need help in finding your way out of the first level, commonly dubbed ‘the lobby’, then here is your guide on escaping level 1 in The Backrooms Footage.

The entities

Before you go around solving the puzzles, you must first be aware of your company. Two cable-like creatures (commonly dubbed ‘bacteria’) are stalking the halls, waiting for any sign of mortal life. You’ll know when they see you, as they will let out a blood-curdling screech and begin chase. Thankfully, your running speed will outpace them no problem, and this game doesn’t burden you with a stamina bar.

chasing entity in the backrooms footage
Image via Untold Backrooms Stories

They will continuously scream as they chase you, so simply run circles around the lobby until their screams fade into the distance. In the first level, there are two bacteria cable-creatures on the prowl, so tread carefully!

The books

To escape the lobby, you need to unlock a door that leads to the exit. The door will only be unlocked through entering a three-digit code into the keypad. To find the keypad code, you need to find three books scattered around the level.

The books are in randomized locations every time you start the game, with a randomly generated number code each time, so you’ll have to do the leg work, I’m afraid.

book in the backrooms footage
Image via Untold Backrooms Stories

The books will always be on the floor, usually nestled against a wall. Simply activate your flashlight (with ‘F’) and explore the levels. Keep your bearings and make a mental note of where you go so you don’t get too lost.

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Top tip, if you are struggling to find the last book, there is a way to figure it out through a process of elimination, so don’t worry about it.

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The keypad

Once you have at least two of the digits memorized, follow these instructions to find the locked door:

  • From spawn, look right and walk through into the next room.
  • Walk through the narrow gap to the right and walk into the room with six holes.
holey floor in the backrooms footage
Image via Untold Backrooms Stories
  • Walk through until you hit a wall and turn right.
  • You will enter into a large room. Walk right across to the opposite end of the entrance and walk along that wall to the right.
  • Take the first exit and immediately turn left and walk through the series of corners.
  • You will enter another large room. Walk forwards until a passage to the right opens. The door will be right there.

Once you’ve found the door, interact with the keypad. If you know all of the digits, input them into the keypad and the door will open. The digits must be put in descending order, so the biggest number first, the middle number second, and the lowest number last.

If you do not know the final digit, then you can figure it out using the process of elimination. It may take a while, as there will be 30 potential combinations, but you will stumble across it eventually.

open door in the backrooms footage
Image via Untold Backrooms Stories

With the door unlocked, simply race to the bottom and fall down the hole. Well done!

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