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If we were to describe Soulstice simply as parts, then it is one-half combat and action-based and the other half exploration based. While missions are timed, players are rewarded with helpful items if they look hard enough in each chapter and location, no matter if the angle is fixed or not.

In fact, many of its most difficult-to-spot secret corners and areas hide the best items you can find or even have to purchase, that as the character-exclusive health-building items of Malformed Husk Fragments for Briar, and Feeble Ethereal Filaments for Lute. Here’s what you need to know.

What are Malformed Husk Fragments and Feeble Ethereal Filaments?

Collecting three Malformed Husk Fragments makes up one whole Sturdy Husk Chunk that increases Briar’s health pool. Collecting three Feeble Ethereal Filaments makeup one whole Iridescent Ethereal Weave that increases Lute’s ability to contain her Entropy, helping her to avoid overcharging whenever she activates her abilities.

Feeble Ethereal Filaments Increase Lute’s Entropy Gauge

Lute can overcharge when you utilize one of her fields for too long which destroys her for a few seconds, making her unable to protect, counter and attack alongside Briar. Remember that without Lute, Unity level plummets and you will not be able to win most fights without her since Briar needs both her Evocation Field and Banishment Field for certain opponent types. This is just as important when traversing areas since exploration requires climbing and destroying crystal clusters to advance to the next stage, which can only be done when controlling Lute.

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Both these specific items are the only ways to increase these base stats of the sisters in regard to their survivability and can be found in a variety of ways.

How can I obtain Malformed Husk Fragments and Feeble Ethereal Filaments?

Explore and Don’t Leave Any Area Unchecked

The easiest way to obtain these items is by finding the singular pieces during exploration. These will purposely be out of the way, and you never know what item you will find no matter how smart the developers have been in hiding them. So, it is a hit-and-miss tactic and especially so because you do not want to linger during chapters simply because it can negatively affect what score you end up with when you finish up a chapter.

Enter Challenge Voids

You can instead explore to an extent, and this will also lead to encountering challenge voids that are bigger and easier to see when exploring. These challenge voids can and do reward both pieces, but it will again not always be the case. It is beneficial, however, not just for the sake of discovering even more useful items without costing a thing but also for fulfilling another achievement in finding all challenge voids and completing them.

In any case and by doing either option, you will end up accumulating the pieces over time to form a whole piece. To quickly obtain the rest, you can partake with some Crimson Tear Residue to spend them in Layton’s shop to obtain either a Sturdy Husk Chunk or Iridescent Ethereal Weave for 10,000 each. Since these stock levels vary, you’ll need to acquire them at some point to maximize both stats during your playthrough.

How to Use Malformed Husk Fragments and Feeble Ethereal Filaments

The easiest and shortest section of this guide is how to use them, and it is thankfully ever so simple. Once getting three of either Malformed Husk Fragments or Feeble Ethereal Filaments pieces, they will automatically be applied to the character that they are relevant. The same goes for obtaining a Sturdy Husk Chunk or Iridescent Ethereal Weave. They all automatically apply upon completion/obtainment! Just aim to acquire all the pieces to make for even easier progress through Soulstice!

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> How to build Briar and Lute in Soulstice


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