How to Kill Smoke Admiral Blox Fruits
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Smoker is one of the most powerful Marine combatants in One Piece thanks to a combination of dogged determination, brutal combat tactics, and an extremely powerful Devil Fruit. He’s not the kind of guy you want to mess with unless you’re deliberately looking for a rough fight. If you are, then here’s how to kill Smoke Admiral in Blox Fruits.

How to Kill Smoke Admiral Blox Fruits

Smoke Admiral is a boss enemy in Blox Fruits, located in the large castle on the Hot side of Hot and Cold Island. He’s level 1150 with 30,750 HP; nothing to sneeze at, but not the hardest boss you could fight either.

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Smoke Admiral has two main moves in his kit, sourced from his weapon, the Jitte:

  • Smoke Barrage: Launches out two long lines of smoke. Anyone hit by the smoke is stunned for half a second.
  • Smoke Apparition: Smoke Admiral turns into a cloud of smoke and dashes at a targeted area, dragging along anyone he catches. Anyone damaged by this attack suffers from Blindness for 2 seconds.

Smoking Kills

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Image via Gamer Robot Inc

Smoke Admiral’s abilities are mostly ground-based, so aerial skills like Sky Walk can make this encounter much easier. However, there is one super-important detail you need to keep in mind: because Smoke Admiral is using an Elemental Fruit ability, he cannot be harmed by conventional attacks. Melee attacks, swords, and bullets will all just phase through his smoky body.

The only ways you can attack Smoke Admiral are to use Fruit abilities or use Enhancement (AKA Haki) on your regular attacks. Enhanced attacks and Fruit abilities bypass his natural immunities, damaging him like normal.

Once you’ve got a solid way of hurting him and a good grasp on dodging his attacks, Smoke Admiral is pretty trivial to deal with. He’s actually a great boss to grind masteries off of, and if you’re lucky, he’ll even drop his Jitte for you to use yourself.

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