Pathfinder is the true legend for you to pick up in Season 9 if you like being in positions of power and making the most of your surroundings.

Season 9 of Apex Legends changed how people play the game and how the meta works. Legacy is Apex’s most significant update yet. It adds a new weapon to learn, a high-flying Legend to the roster, and a crazy 3v3 game mode for players to enjoy.

Even though there is a lot of new content, there is no better time to learn how to play another legend in the game. The Forward Scout, Pathfinder is a great choice.

Pathfinder’s gear lets him get to high-up positions of power and push enemies from different angles. He never fails to make people laugh. Without further ado, let’s look at how to play Pathfinder and use his abilities to their fullest.

How to Make Use of Pathfinder’s Abilities

Pathfinder’s passive ability, “Insider Knowledge,” lets him see where the next ring is by scanning Survey Beacons all over the map.

Even though Crypto and Bloodhound can also use Survey Beacons, Pathfinder will get a 10-second cut to the time it takes for his Ultimate to recharge for every beacon he scans. On top of that, Pathfinder’s Ultimate will be ready to use immediately after you use a beacon.

The Grappling Hook is Pathfinder’s Tactical ability, and it’s one of the most fun things to use in Apex Legends. It’s also one of the hardest to master. If you want to use it well in every situation, you’ll need to spend a lot of time on the Firing Range.

Pathfinder’s Ultimate ability lets him set up his zipline on the map. It has a base cooldown of 120 seconds. This is especially helpful if you want to get into the ring as quickly as possible.

This ability can be used to get into positions of power, but it can also attack an enemy team from a unique angle.

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Keep in mind that the cooldown of Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook is based on how far he moves, and it can take anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds.

Even though you can aggressively use this skill, it makes you an easy target when you’re on a straight zipline. So, before you zip line into battle, ensure you know where your enemy is.


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