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How to play Chamber is one of the most asked questions by the Valorant community. Chamber was one of the few original characters in Valorant who made an immediate impact, making him the hero hybrid. Here’s how to play Valorant’s stylish sentinel.

Most new agents need some time to get used to the meta. Chamber, on the other hand, quickly became a vital part of all game-winning compositions. Because of his unique golden items, he is a combination agent who can sometimes take the place of a duelist. Even so, he is still a sentinel at heart.

People think the agent is the key to getting unrestricted ELO in Valiant. Here’s how to quickly move up in competitive games by playing Chamber.

How to Play Chamber: Skills and Their Respective Descriptions.

Chamber played aggressively in rated Valorant games, but he’s not meant to drive in places dry. To maximize Chamber’s kit, players must balance aggressive and passive play.

Trademark (C)

Chamber pipelines should remain in the back for Trademark. The eye can keep flankers away. Chamber can lurk without bugging teammates.

He can utilize his costly weaponry and a watcher for 200 credits. Put the Trademark whenever your squad pushes aggressively, and adversaries may flank. Long-range cover with an Operator or Vandal. The Trademark alerts you to backline breaks. It protects the Spike on some maps. If a defuser breaks the Trademark, Chamber is alerted and can pre-aim at the defender.

Headhunter (Q)

Valorant’s best sentinel is Chamber’s Headhunter. Chamber can utilize Headhunter bullets to beat full-buy opponents.

Win with 100-cred bullets. Eight shots are unnecessary. Buy 5-6 Ghost eco-rounds. Five hundred credits do 50m head, body, and leg damage. Let your team win duels so you can kill enemies from afar.

Keep a cheap Stinger or Spectre to buy Headhunter in extra rounds. Buy your companion a Vandal and utilize Headhunter and Spectre. Chamber can donate weapons because of the team’s financial flexibility. This is one of the vital things to remember while studying How to Play Chamber in Valorant.

Rendezvous (E)

Rendezvous is Chamber’s overpowered, free, 20-second ability. The golden TP gives Chamber a second chance to kill enemies.

If the TP box is in a legal position, Chamber’s anchor will turn blue. The anchor will quickly deploy and be apparent to all agents after use. In high-risk scenarios, use it carefully, especially if you have an Operator or Chamber’s Tour de Force.

Rendevous helps duelists open sites, get kills from unexpected angles, and acquire information. Chamber players can use Rendezvous to perform hazardous maneuvers other agents can’t.

Tour De Force (X)

Custom Sniper rifle Tour de Force kills an adversary with a single, clean shot. When an adversary is killed, the surrounding area emits a residual field that slows down any players trapped in it.

When a group of foes has assembled in a remote location, it is advantageous to use Chamber’s ult. Nonetheless, if a swarm of foes attacks, you’ll likely need a few extra flashes and cover to protect yourself. In a herd, the initial kill is critical to success. 

To keep them at bay, the field is too slow for them. When the team is running low on money, use ult. A teammate will benefit from Chamber’s decision to give up a rifle and equip Tour De Force.


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