How to Play Multiplayer in You Suck at Parking

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You Suck at Parking Multiplayer Lobby

Playing with others does not suck!

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The newly released You Suck at Parking is a bombastic yet somehow cozy game that puts the mind and reflexes to the test as players try their best to perfectly park in the designated parking spots in order to win. Not only can players take this game head-on in single-player, but they can do it online with other players that share the same goal; win by any means necessary. Today, we’ll explain how you can play multiplayer in You Suck at Parking and engage in somehow even crazier gameplay.

How to Play Multiplayer in You Suck at Parking

If you’re looking to dive into multiplayer, we’re going to break down how to get it started as well as how to actually play, as the rules here are a bit different than in single-player. Let’s begin!

  • The first thing you’re going to want to do is to boot up You Suck at Parking.
  • Next, you’ll want to select Online Match from the right side of the game’s main menu.
  • Once selected, you will begin match-making.
  • After you’ve found a server, the game will begin to count down and then place you and the lobby of players into a match once it’s ready.

That’s just how to get things started, now let’s explain how the gameplay works.

  • You and up to 7 other players will race to get as many of the designated parking spots cleared before the timer runs out.
  • There are 4 rounds per match with the player who’s gotten the most cars parked in total over the course of the match being crowned the winner by the end of round 4.
  • There are typically 8 or 9 parking spots per match and they cannot be Perfected, so there’s no need to worry about that.
  • There are tons of obstacles throughout each of the courses, and they can be quite tough.
  • Luckily, you can view the track before each round begins.
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It’s a pretty entertaining, if not hectic way to play the game but oddly enough feels like the best way to experience You Suck at Parking. Though, it would be even more fun if you could play with friends. Unfortunately, at launch, You Suck at Parking doesn’t have any way to play with your friend, but the silver lining is that the game’s main menu states that “Friend Parties” are coming soon. So, that’s something to look forward to!

That’s all you have to know about playing multiplayer in You Suck at Parking! It’s a great experience that is sure to only get better once Friend parties make their way into the game.

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