How to Play Roblox on

How to Play Roblox on
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If there’s one thing I learned in my grade school years, is that attempting to block someone from playing a game won’t stop them from playing it, it’ll just encourage them to seek workarounds. Case in point, let’s say for example that some external factor is preventing you from playing Roblox. Never fear, there are plenty of workarounds, including our subject for the day. Here’s how to play Roblox on

How to Play Roblox on, if you weren’t aware, is a mobile cloud gaming site. It hosts a variety of games that you’d usually see on mobile platforms like the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. When you run a game, boots up an emulated instance of the mobile app.

In the case of Roblox, runs an emulated instance of the Roblox mobile app. It’s the actual Roblox game, running the same as it would on a phone or tablet, just on your computer instead. When you run the game, you just log in with your Roblox credentials and you can play like you normally would on the mobile app. While the mobile app version is built for touch controls, the emulated instance features built-in keyboard mappings so you can still play with roughly the same experience.

Why Would I Play Roblox on

If you have a reasonably strong computer with an unrestricted internet connection, then obviously the best way to play Roblox would be through the regular browser version or the downloaded app. However, not everyone has those things, which is where comes in.’s emulated instance of Roblox is powered entirely by your internet connection. There’s no hardware requirement on your end; as long as your internet is steady, you can play. This is also handy for those who have older mobile devices that can’t run the Roblox app. You might also be using a PC with a restricted connection, such as in a school or a library. These networks tend to automatically block websites associated with games like Roblox. can be used to circumvent some of these blocks and allow you to play the game.

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If you can’t play Roblox the normal way, is a great workaround to ensure you’re still able to connect to the game. And don’t worry, it’s totally safe to use and doesn’t require any kind of login or subscription. Just go to the site, launch the game, and you’re off.

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