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Happy Volcano’s new exciting driving puzzle game, You Suck at Parking, is quite an adrenaline-filled experience where speed won’t always be the right way to do things, as you will want to focus on parking that car as well as you can, instead of gunning it for a quick run over a course. You Suck at Parking hosts a lot of different levels within its duration, and it can be quite a tall order to unlock them all, but luckily for you, we know how it’s done. Today, we’ll be explaining how to unlock more levels in You Suck at Parking.

How to Unlock More Levels in You Suck at Parking

When it comes to unlocking more levels in You Suck at Parking, the biggest thing you’re going to need to do is clear as many of the parking spots as you can. You see, each level within the game holds multiple courses holding its theme and obstacles throughout. Each course will also contain a set number of parking spots to be cleared within it. Every level requires its own cleared amount of parking spots within it, so keeping an eye on just how many it requires and how many you’ve cleared is going to be key in unlocking more levels.

Some levels are locked away behind different Islands. These are entered via the big cannons around each individual Island and work as a bridge between them. Each Island requires a certain amount of Parked Spots before you’re allowed to shoot over to them, and the cannon will tell you how many are required for you to venture there. Once you’re there, you’ll be freely allowed to enter the various levels on the Island, repeating the process of earning Parked Spots to move onto the next Island, and so on and so forth.

If you’re having trouble earning Parking Spots, try approaching courses differently. I personally found it best to restart courses whenever I made a mistake, as it would allow me to experiment with different methods of getting into spots. There are a lot of shortcuts that can be taken in courses, so try your own tests to see what works for you in a given course, and just take things slow.

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But that’s all there really is to know about unlocking new levels in You Suck at Parking. It’s a pretty straightforward formula, one that takes a lot of skill for players to put into action.

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