Is Ooblets multiplayer?

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The long-awaited full launch for Glumberland’s colorful life-sim title, Ooblets has finally been released after many years of being an early access title on both Steam and Xbox Game Previews. With a full launch, many new updates have been implemented to further gameplay and give the dedicated player base new things to play around with and discover across this wonderous land.

In a game filled with characters to meet, your own to customize, and a world to journey, folks may believe that like other similar titles in the genre such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there would be some kind of multiplayer functionality available. Well, today we’re going to talk about that and explain if that’s something players can actively take advantage of right now.

Is Ooblets multiplayer?

Currently, Ooblets does not have any kind of multiplayer elements at full launch. In fact, it’s quite possible that this game will never get any kind of multiplayer functionality at all. On the official Ooblets website, the FAQ page asks the question “Will there be multiplayer?”. The answer is basically that because multiplayer capabilities take years to fully implement, multiplayer in this game in particular is not going to happen. Though it also states that because multiplayer would work great with Ooblets, it could make an appearance in a sequel.

So, while Ooblets doesn’t have multiplayer, a potential sequel may include it in the future. It’s a disappointing realization but hopefully, its sequel will indeed happen and include multiplayer for gamers that want to enjoy the game together.

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