League of Legends

League of Legends is a game that has long been a classic in the MOBA world. Its fans look forward to tournaments with top teams, and the prize pool can compete with other popular eSports games!

League of Legends

Riot Games, an American company, developed and released the game in 2009.During the game, two teams of five powerful champions compete to destroy the opposing base. Team members: earn experience points and gold; learn new skills; improve their characteristics; and obtain items.

The essence of the game is not complicated: the team must destroy the opponent’s “nexus”, a unique valuable structure on the map, and at the same time not to let the opponent destroy his own. In eSports the rules, although slightly different, but the basis will be the same. To become a pro, you have to watch LoL matches with the best players, study their strategies and train a lot. We also give you some tips that are likely to improve your skills. Who knows, maybe soon you’ll shine among the professionals too!

League of Legends Success Tips

Keep Out of the Enemy’s Turret Range

Staying behind your minions is a good rule to follow in general, but it is critical when attacking an enemy turret. Turrets are defensive structures that deal more damage as you stay within their firing range. It would be best if you rarely tried to attack a turret unless you have a large group of minions to act as a buffer. Knowing how difficult it can be to attack the enemy’s turret should make it evident that you should stay close to your turret if you’re worried about stronger enemy champions killing you in the lane.

Discover How to Last-Hit

Many new League of Legends players may believe it is acceptable to sit back and auto-attack minion wave after minion wave until you can attack the nearest enemy turret. Still, this approach will undoubtedly cost you in the long run as you level up your profile and are matched against more skilled players.

Discover How to Last-Hit

To get the most out of minion waves, focus on landing the killing blow on every possible minion because doing so earns you a gold bonus. This gold adds up quickly (especially if you’re the ADC) and can give your team an advantage in lane and team fights. Keep an eye on enemy minion health bars and be ready to attack when you see one low enough to kill with a single shot. Only the support position should be concerned with last-hitting because their job is to assist the ADC in getting last-hits.

Study the Language

After a while, you may notice that some players use specific acronyms or shorthand to describe various aspects of the game during LoL matches. This method of communication saves keystrokes, which saves time and may give your team a competitive advantage in a challenging game.

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Interact with Your Team

If your team can effectively communicate with one another, you will have a much better chance of winning than if you play in silence. It doesn’t mean you should all put on headsets and join a group chat, but you should always announce what position you want to play before the game begins or when the enemy champion(s) you’ve been fighting are missing from their lane. Of course, not everyone will always be as talkative as you would like, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t benefiting from the information you provide.

Have Enough Time to Play a Full Game

League of Legends matches typically last 30 to 45 minutes but can last up to an hour. Because the game cannot be paused once it begins, you should ensure you can spend the entire game on your computer. It would help if you also tried to eliminate distractions by turning off the TV and putting your phone on silent because looking away from the screen for a few seconds can result in a critical error.

Never begin a game if you believe you must abandon it to fulfill a prior obligation, such as school or work. Leaving a game before it ends reduces your teammates’ chances of winning and can result in penalties that require you to wait a certain amount of time before you can play again.

Have Enough Time to Play a Full Game

Choose a Favorite Character and Research a Guide for Them

There are numerous League of Legends online resources, each with its guide for ” building” specific champions. Most guides should be viewed as flexible templates for which special abilities to level up and what in-game gear to purchase. Remember that many winners can fill multiple roles and positions, so use a guide corresponding to the place you’re playing for that champion.

Be Wary of Pushing Your Lane

Another reason you shouldn’t simply auto-attack waves of minions is because you risk pushing your lane too far out. If your lane is pushed out, you’re closer to your opponent’s turret than yours, making you much more vulnerable to enemy ganks.

Be Wary of Pushing Your Lane

On the mini-map, a river runs diagonally across the entire map. This river can be used as a landmark to determine whether you’re in a safe zone (closer to your turret) or a danger zone (closer to the enemy’s turret). It would help if you always watched the mini-map to see where your opponent’s jungle is. If you can see the jungle on the other side of the map, you can probably assume it’s safe to push your lane and do some turret damage if the opportunity arises.

Final Words

Being one of the first Esports activities with free-to-play access, League of Legends became a trendy game worldwide. Lol is a game for fun with a high intelligence field. It needs team players to think strategically and discover many facts and unexpected events.

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