Modern Warfare 2 Beta Reportedly Features Fan Favorite Third Person Mode

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The time has come; following the Call of Duty Next Showcase event, players can now jump into the highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta if they’ve pre-ordered the game for a PlayStation console. Though the beta offers players quite a bit to get a taste of, there’s one thing in particular that players are hungry for, and that’s a third-person view during gameplay.

Players have wanted it for a long time in standard modes, and some expected to experience it during the beta, and for good reason. During the Call of Duty Next Showcase event, it was revealed that third-person would be included more so in MW2 when released, with great updates to it such as camera shake and improved immersion from the world around you. But the question is, can players experience it during the ongoing beta?

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Reportedly Features Fan Favorite Third Person Mode

While the heavily enhanced third-person mode is going to be included once Modern Warfare 2 finally releases, it isn’t in the beta, yet. As of the first day of this event, there’s no way to toggle third-person on and off during gameplay, as was teased during the Next Showcase event, nor are there any modes supporting it.

However, it could come sometime during the beta as it’s pretty much ongoing for the rest of the month of September. I’d also say that it would probably come along once the beta opens up to players on all platforms and not just PlayStation, as it is right now. It’s clear that Activision and Infinity Ward want Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer to be a success, so they could be holding third-person in until they know that the core points of the beta are operating as planned.

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