NHL 23

The NHL season is coming up, and EA SPORTS’ annual ice-hockey franchise, NHL 23, is coming out at the same time. Here’s everything we recognize about the game, like when it will come out, what it will have, who will be on the cover, and more. NHL is a sports video game franchise stuck in the mud for a few years. We gave the game’s version from 2022 a 6/10 and said that the series needs many changes to improve. With NHL 23, EA plans to do just that by making significant changes that will give the game a boost.

NHL 23: Release Date

The date that NHL 23 will come out is October 14, 2022. This date is about the same as when previous NHL games came out. Usually, NHL games come out around the time the real season starts.

NHL 23: Cover Stars

Trevor Zegras of the Anaheim Ducks and Team Canada’s Sarah Nurse will be on the cover of NHL 23. This is the first time a male and female athlete will be on the surface of the same game. Zegras is a center from the United States who came in second place for Rookie of the Year in 2021. Nurse is a forward for the Canadian Olympic team and won a gold medal in 2020 and 2021. The style of the game’s cover is different from years past. This year, it shows the beauty of California and palm trees, and Zegras is wearing shorts.

NHL 23: Features

NHL will add women hockey players to its hugely popular Hockey Ultimate Team mode for the first time. Cross-play will be available for the first time in NHL 23, but there’s a catch. Players on PlayStation 4 will only be able to play with players on Xbox One, and players on PlayStation 5 can only play with players on Xbox Series. It doesn’t quite make cross-play a reality, but it’s a step in the right direction. Franchise mode will also be changed in the upcoming hockey sim, just like Madden 23 did this year. Not much has been said about what exactly will be different, though. EA SPORTS has announced the schedule for when news about the game will be released before it comes out for real. Keep an eye on this page for updates as they come.

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